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Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 14: Garden Design … In January

Tweet May We Suggest Some Key Topics for "January Garden Design & Planning"? 8 Cool Add-ons to Your Garden that are Surprisingly Useful How to Choose a Specialist Plant Supplier


Landscaping Tips That Can Help Sell Your Home

Tweet If you want to learn more about this, keep on reading. containers • garden care • tools • green living • landscape design • lawn care • watering Let’s


Landscaping and Landscape Products

A beautiful landscaping reflects your business or home’s image. There are numerous benefits to using landscaping in your yard.


DIY Landscaping Made Easy

A well landscaped yard can enhance your home and make the backyard a fun place to be again. Planning is essential to a successful and practical landscape project.


Garden Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

Tweet The hassle of designing a garden is too much and too costly. If that’s what has been stopping you from stepping outside to make your garden beautiful, then this

Garden Maintenance

5 Ways to Transform Your Small Backyard

Tweet Get outside and enjoy your backyard, no matter how small it is. Fix up an unappealing yard with a few key changes and additions. Install an Awning Create a

Yard and Garden

Four Conversation Starting Features for Your Back Yard

Tweet A Modular Rattan Dining Set Every garden needs a focal point and a circular Rattan garden set like the ones at Shackletons are guaranteed to get your guests talking


Summer Garden Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Garden renovations are no easy feat, but with so many flowers and plants in bloom and summer in air, it’s hard to resist the need to do so.

Garden Plants

DIY – Planting Trees

Tweet No need to hire a landscaper to truly transform your yard, why not try it yourself? Trees make your yard look its best and accent the rest of your

Shopping Ideas

Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring

Spring is upon us. Now is the time to get your outside ready for planting and design for a beautiful summer garden. Jump over to our “Garden Design” center for landscaping and gardening ideas and information: