Garden Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

Garden Landscaping Ideas on a Budget
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    A nicely landscaped and well maintained garden can increase the worth of your home by 5 % to 15% say many property agents.

    However, many homeowners find garden landscaping tedious and expensive.


The hassle of designing a garden is too much and too costly. If that’s what has been stopping you from stepping outside to make your garden beautiful, then this post is just what you need!

Cheap garden landscaping can be exhausting, but is absolutely worthwhile – it keeps your garden green and same goes for your wallet too! Check out these budget friendly garden landscaping ideas and make it the most happening place of your home in summer evenings:

1.  Find the Right Kind of Plants
One of the biggest things that save you money is planning. Look for plants that go well with the climate of your area. Look for plants that look beautiful yet are inexpensive. Many nurseries offer a range of plants depending on the type of climate and season. Check out a few good nurseries for price differences and preference; buy from the one that best suits your needs. Note: Avoid impulsive buying.

2.  Use Compost to Amend your Soil
Even if you buy and plant flowers, fruits or vegetables in your garden, they won’t necessarily grow right if your soil lacks organic material. Compost is a great alternative to amend the soil so it grows the plants beautifully. For different soils, a different amount of compost sifted through screens is required. Check out garden websites and garden houses to get help with the right kind of compost soil combination for your yard.

3.  Pick More Annuals
Buy and plant annuals in your garden so you don’t have to plant them again every year. Annuals are a great way to save money; buy packets of seeds and plant them together in bunches. Make sure not to overdo your garden with annuals. Note: plant the annuals yourself and save good money. A plant may cost you $3, but if you get a professional to plant it, the total cost can go up to $12.

4. Pick Perennials Too
Even though perennials do suck out money, doesn’t mean you deprive your garden from them entirely. Pick daffodils, lily of the valley, or any of your favorites and plan them in combination with annuals. Note: choose those that grow out quickly, so you have many plants in only a few seasons. In addition, daffodils make the perfect present for neighbors too!

5. Use Regional Plants
A smart and money saving move is to plant flowers and fruits that naturally grow in your region. This is budget friendly in the long run too, as regional plants don’t require extra watering or care as they are made for the region.

6. Mulch it up
Use mulch to keep the grass moisturized well for long. Buy mulch in bulk as it costs cheaper as compared to buying in small quantities. Wood chips and pine leaves are great alternative for cheap mulch. That’s a great money saving technique and makes your grass moisturized for long.

7. Merge Materials
A complete concrete patio may be too costly. Alternatively, if you pick a combination of concrete with flagstones, you can get a cheaper combination of patio. This not only saves you money but also is an addition to your design landscaping element.

8.  Season Sales
The best time to buy cheap plants and garden tools is the sale season. Wait for the end of sales season and get the best rates for various plants and garden tools. The end of season sale prices is really rock bottom low, so make sure to take advantage of it.

If you want a beautiful garden, you don’t really have to spend a fortune on it. All you need to do is do a little research, plan ahead and have a little more patience to see the result. Do you have any other ideas for landscaping on a budget? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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