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Sunday Morning Tip for Aug 11: How to Choose and Install a New Garage Door

Installing a new garage door is a popular home improvement project, and this simple upgrade could increase the value of your property by a significant amount.


4 Top-Notch Style Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Garage

Your garage is an essential feature to your home that provides a sheltered space for your car and outdoor equipment. However, a garage can vary in effectiveness depending on how well it’s kept up and what features are added to it.


Stuck in the Garage Again? 5 Essential Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Tweet A maintenance checklist posted in the garage and seasonal or monthly reminders written on your appointment calendar can assure that you regularly examine various features of your garage door.


Complete Buyers Guide For Choosing The Correct Garage Door Threshold

Tweet However, your garage and your house share something in common: They both experience the same weather conditions outside. We’re understandably concerned about cold air, rain and snow getting into


5 Different Garage Door Materials That Will Make Your Garage Look Wonderful Again

Tweet You may think the look of your garage door is unimportant to the look and style of your house, but having one that looks fatigued can make the rest

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Invest by Improving: 4 Home Renovations with a Great ROI

Tweet Not all improvement projects provide a good return on investment. Here are a few remodeling and updating projects that pay for themselves, and then some. 1. Install Energy-Efficient Heating


5 Reasons why Replacing Your Garage Door is a Smart Investment

Tweet Why You Can’t Afford To Not Replace Your Garage Door It often happens that your garage door might suddenly stop working or it doesn’t open properly. There can be


Garage Screens: Another Room With a View

Tweet If you are like a lot of people, it would be debatable as to whether you consider your garage a good use of space. After all, garages are usually


Top Expert Home Garage Tips That You Must Know

Tweet If you’ve got a garage in your home then you must know how ideal a garage door is. The best garage doors will do the following for you. Keep

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Garage Door Maintenance: 3 Simple Steps

To ensure that your garage door is working properly, frequent inspection, testing, and replacement of damaged parts is required.


Automatic Garage Door Maintenance Advice

Tweet Maintaining your garage doors is essential for protecting your investment and it can also be a security matter as a broken door can easily be opened by thieves. Happily,


Garage Door Security Problems (And What You Can Do About Them)

Tweet Automatic garage doors have been providing a convenient way for homeowners to get into their garages and enter their homes without stepping outside. No need to mess with a


Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Tweet Such doors make use of a number of components including pulleys, springs, cables and mounting hardware. Your garage doors need to be regularly maintained, something a homeowner can do


How to Prepare Your Garage for Winter

Tweet The change in temperatures is so very welcome, allowing people who have had to limit their outdoor activities to enjoy more time outside. Attached Garage If your home has