12 Smart and Easy Garage Improvement Tips

12 Smart and Easy Garage Improvement Tips
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    When it comes to decor upgrades and renovations, the garage perhaps doesn't get as much love as it deserves.

    After all, it's just a place to park your car or store tools and garden supplies.


However, neglecting this space will just make your life more difficult. A messy garage is not only an eyesore but also hampers functionality.

Has your garage slowly turned into a junk closet? Are you unable to use your garage to its full potential?

Just a few simple upgrades and changes can significantly improve your garage and broaden its purpose. Let’s take a look.

  • 1) Garage door

  • Garage doors are an important feature, both for the purpose of enhancing visual appeal and providing security.

    If your garage door is showing any of the following signs, it’s time to upgrade:

    • Deep denting

      Did you accidentally back your car and slammed straight into the garage door?

      Even if your door seems to be working fine, it’s best to get an expert to take a look at it.

      Such an impact can comprise the door’s utility.

    • Issues with opening or closing

      Does your door take forever to open and close? Does it shake while opening or closing? You should hire a professional to fix it to avoid daily inconvenience.

    • Unnecessarily noisy

      A properly functioning garage door shouldn’t make unnecessary noise while opening or closing. If that’s the case, get it inspected by a professional.

      Overlooking a malfunctioning door can do more harm than just bringing down the curb appeal. It can jeopardise your security and even expose you to the risk of locking yourself in.

      Associated Garage Doors supplies a wide range of garage doors at competitive prices. They also offer professional installations.

  • 2) Paint Touch Ups

    Sooty air released from cars often stains the interior walls, windows and door of a garage. A fresh coat of paint can bring a world of change to your garage. For smaller garages, stick to neutral colour palettes to open up the space.

  • 3) Repair or Replace Flooring

    If your garage floor is broken, chipped or dented, it’s time to repair or replace it. You can revamp your concrete floors by applying an epoxy coating. This will create a high-performance, durable floor with a visually appealing finish.

garage floor epoxygarage floor paint

    some garage flooring ideas to consider    

  • 4) Vertical Storage Solutions

    In a tight space, it can become tough to use the garage for anything other than parking your vehicle. But by installing wall storage solutions, you can make the most of its storage potential. 

  • 5) Ceiling Storage Solutions

    Expanding on the previous point, you should install a ceiling storage solution to maximise storage options. 

  • 6) Set Up a Workstation

    The possibilities a garage holds is often underestimated. In addition to providing a safe spot for your car and plenty of storage space, it can also double up as a home office.

    You can redecorate one half of your garage with a workstation. Now you have a perfect corner to catch up on emails or spend some quiet time doing arts and crafts.

  • 7) Install Open Shelving

    Installing open shelves is a great option for compact spaces. It will give you sufficient storage areas without overcrowding the garage.

  • 8) Store Away Power Tools

    Power tools are bulky and take up quite a bit of storage space. As power tools aren’t required as frequently, you should store them away in a closed cabinet or hidden storage. This will give your garage a much cleaner look. 

garage pegboard organizertool cabinets

    some tool organization ideas to consider    

  • 9) Tidy Up Wires & Cords

    No one wants to look at a mess of tangled wires and cords. So tidy them up and try your best to hide them behind a shelf or workstation.

  • 10) Install Car Door Protection

    Opening your car door in a small garage can end up in two ways, you either scrape your door or damage the walls, both of which are unfavourable. You can easily avoid doing that by installing car door protection on your garage walls.

    You can hire a professional to install car door guards or DIY using a pool noodle cut in half.

  • 11) Bring In Light

    You won’t prefer to spend time in a dark, dingy garage. If you truly want it to be a multifunctional space, then consider installing windows to bring in natural light. If that’s not possible, then recreate the effect using a combination of different lighting fixtures. Now, you have a private area for early morning workouts!

  • 12) Switch to Smart Door Opener

    Don’t cling to the past and switch to a smart door opener. Not only can you open or close your garage doors from anywhere, but you can also install an alert system to deter intruders. It’s a great investment that will make your life much easier.

other valuable tips:

Final Words

All these tips will assist you in creating a utilitarian yet attractive garage space. However, you should be meticulous with keeping your garage neat and organised. No amount of upgrades can improve a cluttered space.

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