4 Top-Notch Style Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Garage

4 Top-Notch Style Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Garage
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    Your garage is an essential feature to your home that provides a sheltered space for your car and outdoor equipment.

    However, a garage can vary in effectiveness depending on how well it's kept up and what features are added to it.


Not only can it become more effective with a little care, but your garage can become a stylistic extension of your home rather than just a structure for your car when you put a little work into it. Here are four stylistic ideas that will make your garage more versatile and effective than before.

Installing Hooks

As a garage is often the go-to storage space for tools and equipment often used outside, creating tidy storage options can really increase the functionality of any garage. One way to accomplish this is to install hooks on the interior walls.

These fixtures allow you to hang tools and devices that you need quick, easy access to for projects while opening up floor space for vehicles and bikes. If you’re looking to use some of that garage space as a workspace, you can also add in drawers around and beneath a workbench to allow for efficient storage and a tidy working area.

Redo the Floor

Oil spills are not only unsightly, but they can also cause stains that only regrinding can remove. By giving your garage floor an epoxy coating, you can prevent stains and even stop future weather damage from corroding the surface.

An epoxy floor is durable, stain resistant and can be customized to look pretty much any way you want it to look. For example, epoxy can be colored to create a smooth, bold appearance, or have multiple colors mixed into a marbled look. You can add patterns, designs, or even the logo of your favorite superhero to make your garage your secret hero lair.

The New Garage Door

Your garage door needs to be in good condition to maintain the safety of you and your household. Not only are damaged garage doors easier to break into, but they also are dangerous to operate.

Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds and can come crashing down unexpectedly when left in disrepair. New styles that add visual appeal to your garage can also improve your home’s market value by increasing curb appeal.


While many leave their garage without finished walls or insulation, your garage could be doing so much more with it. Extreme temperatures, hot or cold, can cause damage to your engines internal components. One of the great advantages of storing your car in a garage is that doing so protects your vehicle from those temperatures. Without insulation, however, this only goes so far.

Insulating your garage not only makes it a viable year-round workspace but it also increases the longevity of your vehicle by protecting against seasonal hazards like extreme heat or cold. Finishing the walls, therefore, acts both as an aesthetic upgrade and a boost to the effectiveness of your garage.


A garage is more than just a shed and sliding door attached to your home. It’s an extension of your home and an important protective space for your car. Getting a few upgrades can do more than boost your home’s market value, but it can save you money in car repairs, as well. Give your vehicle and tools a superior storage space and take the time to ensure that your garage is ready for the challenge.

Even if you aren’t interested in upgrading to a newer model, it’s important to consult with companies like Georgia Garage Doors Inc. or other local garage door companies for regular maintenance checks. Ensure that the bolts and springs are secure, the tracks are clear, and that the door itself is structurally sound at the beginning of every season to ensure that you aren’t putting yourself or your family in danger.

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