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Installing floors is one of the most difficult home projects. You need the right expertise and tools. Consider using a professional flooring contractor from your area who do the job right and within budget.

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How to Install a Tile Floor

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Whether kitchen tile or bathroom tile, can be a simple or complex project, depending on the ceramic tile you select. The easiest installation is a homogeneous tile, that can be laid any direction. If you want to get creative, consider putting in a ceramic tile pattern using different colors or shapes.

Before doing any installation, you'll need to clean the floor thoroughly.

If installing ceramic tile over a concrete floor, be sure to repair any cracks so the foundation won't cause problems later. If you're laying down tile over existing tile, consider removing the tile first if it's not too much work. Otherwise, rough up the tile with sandpaper so the new tile will adhere. And don't forget to check the clearance on doors and cabinets, so the new tile won't block them from opening!

Prepare your thin set, a dry concrete-like product you'll mix with water to form a paste. Use a trowel over the bathroom or kitchen flooring, spreading only enough to cover the area in front of you, in a straight line. Then place your tile, using a downward pressure. After the tile is set, tap the tile with a rubber mallet to be sure it's secure. Place tile spacers in between tiles, that you'll remove later. If you haven't already cut the tiles that will be flush against the walls, you'll do that using rented or purchased tools.

Letting It Dry

After laying all the ceramic tiles, allow the adhesive to dry for 24 hours. Gently remove the spacers and apply the grout using a grout float, forcing it into the joints. Continually clean off the tiles using a wet sponge. After waiting ten or more days, seal the grout.

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