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How about making it into your personal home office. The wired connection of the economy makes it a viable option for working at home.

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Building a Home Office for Less

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Having Your Own Office in Your Home

As telecommuting, at-home businesses, and extended work hours become more and more common, a home office is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.  Whether a place to pay the bills and keep up on correspondences or a staging ground for the next big merger, a well-designed home office is essential for success. Building a home office can be a fast, enjoyable process.


Although convenient, working at home hazards the distraction of children, pets, and general house noise. Place the office in an out of the way area like an unused bedroom or outside shed. If you don’t have a whole room, set up your virtual office in an alcove of a low-traffic room or attic.


As one’s personal space, office décor should suit individual needs and tastes. Office furniture should blend with other design throughout the house. When building your home office remember a few essentials:

Storage: To keep things neat, give every item its own place: cubbies or baskets for miscellaneous desk items; a well-labeled file system separating office papers and at home affairs.

Workspace: Office furniture should be both visually appealing and functional. Whether fold away or permanent you will need a workspace with ample room for computer. If not willing to invest in a desk, try salvaging an old table.

Lighting: Although access to natural light is best, trading in the florescent lights of the office building for well-placed incandescent bulbs works wonders for your eyes and your mood. 


Technology provides the key to your virtual office, allowing one to in effect be at work even when only a ten meter walk from the family. You will need an internet compatible home office computer and an internet connection.  If you have a laptop at work it could double as your home office computer.  Ask your workplace IT department about work-at-home set up.

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