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The garage is the perfect spot for a workbench table with organized tools and accessories. Convert your garage into a space for tinkering and building.

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Having a Workbench In the Garage

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With the new year comes the tried-and-true resolutions: get organized, clean up and get some do-it-yourself home repair projects done. The good news is that new technology in home workbenches, tools and storage have made it easy to install a useful garage workbench that doesn't take up too much room--so you can still have a car and storage.

Bench Benefits

The major benefit of a garage workbench is that it will help you complete the rest of the tasks on your home repair to-do list. An organized workspace will keep your tools organized and also give you the space you need to make repairs.

New Technology

Not all houses have large garages--and modern home workbench technology is starting to be designed with this in mind. The major improvement is having thinner, sleeker tool workbenches, with storage all the way to the ground. Different sized drawers to hold nails, screws, bolts, and smaller tools, as well as larger drawers and hanging systems for power tools.

Bigger Isn't Always Better

Why super-size your tool workbench when you don't need to?  You can still find the massive, wall-sized garage workbenches that hold half a hardware store--but now, you can also find the smaller, more accommodating tool workbenches that fit only the essentials. Another advancement is the realization that tool workbench doesn't fit all. With more and more women owning their own homes, garage workbenches are becoming customizable to your own height, and your own set of tools. Today's home workbench isn't what it used to be.

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