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Into your personal art gallery room. This will become your space to imagine your creative skills.

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Have you always dreamed of adding an art studio to your home? Before you build an expensive addition or give up your kitchen counter space to art supply clutter, you should consider an attic space conversion.

The attic is a largely neglected space. The majority of homeowners fill their attics with junk that can either be tossed or placed in a storage facility. Why dedicate valuable space in your home to keeping stuff you will probably never need or use? With a small investment, your attic rooms can be transformed into a functional, spacious, and comfortable artist studio.

Displaying Your Art

Perhaps the greatest advantage of the attic room conversion is that it maximizes the efficient use of space in your home. Although attics come in all shapes and sizes, they are usually wide, open spaces, perfect for creating and displaying artwork. If your attic has sloping ceilings and strange angular corners, you can build some nifty storage areas to keep art supplies. Small closets and cabinets tucked under the eaves give an attic artist studio unique character, while providing a useful function.

Making "Artistic" Improvements

Although your attic might not be much to like at right now, a few practical improvements can transform it into a productive space that oozes creativity Adding dormer windows can increase natural light, while insulation and drywall can create a cozy space that keeps you warm throughout the winter and cool in the summer. You can even think of an attic space conversion as an investment in your home. Many homeowners find that the increased resale value more than makes up for the renovation cost. And that doesn't even take into account all the extra income from the artistic masterpieces you will create in your new studio.

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Building Your Art Gallery Room

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