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Doors and windows can make any home. New window technology lighten the house and adds the look of grandeur and warmth from the outside and inside.

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Getting the Most from the Doors in Your Home

Exterior doors are essential elements of every home, protecting it from the elements and the damage that sun, heat, cold, wind, and moisture can cause.

According to Energy Star, the nation's recognized authority in energy efficiency for the home, what makes a door energy efficient are the three following criteria:

  • Glass: Multiple Panes
    Multiple pane glass keeps the most amount of heat outside where it belongs, and also insulates a home in colder weather.
  • Weather stripping
    This ensures your home's interior temperature remains intact, and heat is not lost (and wasted).
  • "Improved" core materials
    Many newer doors are made with materials like fiberglass and steel at their cores, to help protect against the elements.

Storm Doors

Storm doors are another important key to the protection and energy efficiency of your home. They give your home added protection during wet, windy, and extreme weather.  The type of glass, number of panes, and materials used in the design and manufacture of your storm door help determine its energy efficiency.

They can also add aesthetic value to your home, providing great views of the outdoors and access to natural light.

Interior Doors, Too

Your home's interior doors can add to its energy efficiency, but they also do wonders for the appearance of your home. Interior doors come in all categories, using various wood and glass types, hardware, and opening styles.

It is important to evaluate the features of all your home's doors in order to get the most from your investment, and to give your home the best appearance and the most protection and energy efficiency.

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