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The success in home entertainment is getting your home wired properly for light and sound. You can find a pre-screened technicians within your area who get it done right.

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Setting Up Home Entertainment

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Your computers are networked at the office, why not have them networked at home? Forget the peephole on the front door – get a television quality image as your guests walk up the porch, without having to leave the kitchen.

Whether watching the latest James Bond flick or the kids' favorite Power Rangers, view it from a home theater system instead of wiggling the television rabbit ears to get better reception, and hoping the video tape hasn't broken. With rapid advances in electronics, home wiring is more affordable and available than ever.

Closets are converting into server rooms or hubs, holding CD players, home theater equipment, amplifiers and DVD players. With each room wired for music, a remote control device allows dad to grill steak outside, listening to classical music on satellite radio, while his daughter listens to the latest High School Musical CD in her bedroom. Closed-circuit television systems allow mom to glance up from her work in the den, making sure the baby hasn't climbed out of the crib.

Setting up the house wiring for the home entertainment center as well as home networking takes some time and energy, but it pays off in the long run. Your home will be vastly more marketable when reselling it, and you can enjoy music, entertainment and kid monitoring at the touch of a button.

While many homeowners have their equipment in full view of guests, following a home wiring guide allows you to hide the wiring and equipment, for easy access but less clutter. Plus it's difficult to hack into a wired home without entering it. Wireless is available as well, though less secure. If going the wireless route, be sure to set up the security features.

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