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Make a statement the moment you walk into your home. You need a beautiful entry door, elegant door hardware, beautiful stair railings and columns to accent your living and dining area.

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Making the First Impression

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Making Your Entry Way Stylish and Special

Your entry way is your guests' first experience of your home, not to mention the first room you step into everyday when you come home. It should be warm, welcoming, and represent your personal style.

Here are a few tips for adding style and feeling to your home entry way.


Making your home's entry way a different shade than the rest of your home can give it distinction. It can be the first statement about your home and its style, and should complement adjoining rooms. If the structure of your entry way shares walls with another room or hallway in your home, adding a colorful rug can distinguish it as its own space.


Many homes feature chandeliers or sconces in their entry ways, but yours doesn't have to if that's not your style. Simple ceiling lighting, tasteful table lamps, and candles can help give your entry way a warm glow if you are entertaining or just enjoying a normal night at home.


Wall art and framed art can help give an entry way needed style. Mirrors are another popular choice for an entry way, as are side tables and floral decorations. Keeping your decorative scheme simple and focused will help you maximize the effect of your entry way and allow it to warmly welcome visitors most effectively.


If your entry way has the space, providing a bench or ottoman can be a great accent, and a good source of spontaneous comfort for you and your guests.

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