Attic Insulation

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Approximately 90% of heat loss can slip through the attic if it is improperly insulated. Check the insulation levels to ensure you have the right amount.

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A home's insulation is vital to the protection and comfort of its inhabitants - you and your family. Energy Star calls a home's insulation its "shell," stating that it is "often the most cost effective way to improve energy efficiency and comfort." The difficult thing about insulation is that it resides between the walls of your home, making the home's construction the best time to ensure it is done right.

Licensed contractors can help improve or replace a home's insulation after its construction. They can also help insulate your attic, making it a comfortable, usable space.

Protecting and Sealing Your Home

Air leaks in insulation can affect your home's temperature and moisture level, making proper insulation an essential component to any home. Insulation not only helps maintain your home's temperature during colder winter months, but warmer summer months as well.

Insulation around air ducts is another important element. Homes with central air use air ducts that travel between walls to each room in your home, and the insulation around these ducts help maintain the temperature controlled by the unit.

Insulation has risen in importance over the last few decades, and new homes must meet strict insulation standards. To find out more about these standards and how to best insulate your home, use the resources provided on this site. Proper insulation can save you thousands of dollars (or more) and extend the capability of your heating and cooling unit throughout the life of your home.

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