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Basement repair will require a skill that you should find in a pre-screened contractor within your area.

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Preventing Water Damage

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Unless you live on a houseboat, water existing in or around a home's foundation gives homeowners and contractors nightmares. A waterproof basement doesn't just happen—it requires taking a look at all exterior and interior factors.

From the Inside Out

It's not just exterior moisture that presents a problem. Many maintenance systems, such as heating and air conditioning systems, water and sewage pipes, and electrical wires, are installed in the basement that give off condensation and over time, their deterioration can lead to water damage in the basement.

Frequent inspection is key when ensuring a waterproof basement. Make sure that all pipes are insulated to prevent condensation build up. Inspect the heating and air conditioning system's drain pans, vents, filters, and ductwork insulation and clean and replace as needed. Check all vent all ventilation systems including water heater, exhaust fans, dryer vents, etc., to make sure they are in proper working condition.

Exterior Causes

Moisture and stains on the walls of the basement are indicators of a basement leak. The moisture and stains are often result of a leak or seepage through the basement wall. Moisture often beings to seep through at the area where the floor and walls join or along cracks that appear in the wall or floor.

The seepage and cracks that cause leaky basements can be brought one of three variables. First, the original workmanship may be poor. Second, the house may have settled, causing cracks in either the floor or walls. Finally, water pressure from the outside may have built up and be forcing water through the walls.

Several options are available to ensure a waterproof basement. Sometimes, the basement repair is as simple as applying mortar to cracks in the walls to prevent a leaky basement. In other cases, the installation of drains and special spray foams, asphalts, and other materials are required to waterproof a basement.

In some cases, more extensive repairs may be necessary for problems of greater sophistication; for instance, in certain cases significant foundation repair may be required. In such cases, the tools required for such repairs may become a substantial financial investment on the part of the homeowner.

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