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Decks are the perfect spot for outdoor furniture such as tables, chairs and BBQ grills. But look for attractive porch and lawn furniture that is stylish and durable in all kinds of weather.

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For most of the last decade the backyard patio has been undergoing a transformation as more and more people have sought to bring the comfort of their living rooms out of doors. Outdoor speakers and television sets are becoming more common, and amenities such as patio bars, while not new, have grown in popularity. And the trend is continuing, as each year more and more "indoor" home features are finding their way outside.

Come Outside into the Kitchen

The migration of people to their backyards has been spurred in no small way by the ubiquity of gas grills, which are faster and easier to use for outdoor cooking than charcoal grills, and are much easier to clean and maintain. But the little two-burner propane grill of yesterday is fast becoming obsolete as the kitchen becomes the latest room to make its way outdoors. The latest outdoor furniture designs include kitchen islands, complete with drop-in gas grills and side burners, and outdoor bars that feature refrigerators and freezers. Because the grills are in permanent housing, they are protected from harsh weather, and they can be tied into natural gas lines.

Other Homey Touches

There are also more ways than ever to gather 'round the fire in the backyard. Built-in outdoor fireplaces are gaining in popularity, as are the more versatile chimneys. A more recent innovation is patio tables that feature fire pits in the center. And for those who would like to bring indoor lighting outside without having to bring the electricity, there are shade umbrellas equipped with solar panels that can protect you from the sun all day, and provide light well into the night.

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