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The master bedroom is your personal hideaway. It's the one room where you can shut the world out and enjoy the furniture decor that can turn this room into a perfect mental oasis.

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Creating a Bedroom Style

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Master of Your Own Domain

It's often said, "Show your house, and you show yourself."  The space that you create for yourself reflects a lot about your personality, style, and outlook on life.   For many of us, our bedroom is where we go to rest, center ourselves, and reflect on the day's events.  Updating your master bedroom can give you that "pick me up" you've been looking for.

Adding a bit of Luxury

  • Bedroom set:  Nothing says luxury like a well-crafted bedroom furniture set.  Oak bedroom furniture is the newest trend in luxury master bedroom designs.
  • Crown Molding:  Crown molding is a piece of carved wood attached to the top of the walls that complement the baseboards.  A nice thick crown molding painted in a nice semi-gloss white will really add that regal tone to your master bedroom and will offset your modern bedroom furniture beautifully.
  • Ottoman:  An ottoman is a wonderfully unexpected addition to an otherwise dull master bedroom. This small footstool--which you can upholster in any fabric you like-- sits at the base of a chair and can add some flair to compliment your bedroom furniture set.

Doing it on the Cheap

  • Paint:  Peeling off that tired wallpaper and putting on a fresh, warm paint color can create a huge difference for a small price tag.
  • Do-it-yourself Headboard:  Turn a wooden door on its side, upholster it, and create a beautifully unique bed headboard that will compliment any bedroom furniture set.

First Steps

Before you get carried away making headboards, upholstering ottomans, and nailing in crown molding, get your bedroom furniture set so you're able to build from that style.  Once you have your bedroom set, the sky's the limit in terms of creativity.

Go wild and make your master bedroom reflect the space of your dreams!

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