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If the basement becomes your laundry room, consider what ittakes to transport laundry up and downstairs. Install a laundry shoot to help lighten the load.

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What's New in Laundry

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New Laundry Appliances

The laundry machines of today are not the same types you remember from your youth. The most noticeable difference is the front-loading washing machine. With no central agitator, front loaders have space for large items. They also extract more water from the clothes, saving additional drying energy.

New on the market are steam washers. Instead of washing with regular water, a steam generator shoots steam into the clothes, penetrating deeper into the material. By skipping the regular wash cycle, you can freshen up clothes in a few minutes, removing wrinkles and odors.

These machines come with wireless remote laundering devices as well.

Given the high cost of oil and electricity, one of the most sought after features in washers and dryers is an Energy Star rating. These machines use up to 70% less energy and 50% less water than traditional machines, saving you money while helping the environment. Energy Star machines often qualify owners for rebates from their local utility company too.

While few claim that washing clothes is fun, adding laundry accessories to your laundry room makes the experience more enjoyable. Laundry room organization saves time too. Consider installing a flat workspace so you can fold clothes after taking them from the dryer. The clothes will have fewer wrinkles and it’s easier to put them away quickly. Your laundry room needs storage space, and wire shelving is a great solution. Easy to install, it can hold colorful baskets with detergents and stain removers, as well as hangers.

For storing dirty clothes, try hampers labeled by color group or family member, or install a peg board for laundry bags. And don’t discount the value of color. Painting the room a bright hue makes it more fun to visit the laundry room.

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