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Section off a part of your home as your personal sunroom. Use this room to dabble in plants, caribbean decor and designs that bring in the world.

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About Sunrooms and Conservatories

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Nothing captures your attention quite like a sun room with large windows and crisp white furniture. This is one remodeling project that can add plenty of enjoyment – and value – to your home.

Sun rooms often are built along the back or side of a house, depending on the home's layout and the topography of the site. If your lot allows for an addition, this can be a good project for adding space while creating a welcoming retreat to your home. Otherwise, consider adding tall windows to a den or library and converting it to a sun room.

Designing Your Sunroom

Sun rooms can be used for a variety of purposes, from a spot for the breakfast table to a plant room or conservatory. As you plan the space, think about how you will use it and what size furniture you want to include. If your focus is on using it as a plant room, then look for a good southern exposure and make sure the room is properly heated and cooled.

Heating and air conditioning are important for anyone who plans to use a sun room year round. The type of windows also are a key consideration. You'll want to balance the desire for sun and light with the need for energy efficiency. There are many windows designed for sun rooms, as they have glass that can help keep warm air in during the cold months and warm air out during the summer.

A sun room is designed to be a warm, inviting space. Whether the goal is to create a plant room, conservatory or casual eating spot, think about how you will use the space. This thought process should lead to the right decisions about heating, cooling and furniture placement.

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