Living Room Fireplace

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Make sure your chimney has a good exhaust flow to prevent chimney fires and dangerous smoke. Have your chimney inspected by a pre-screened database of fire and chimney technicians.

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About the Home Fireplace

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Add Warmth, Style and Value to Your Home

There is something indescribably comforting about a fireplace. When considered alongside the dramatic advantages in heat efficiency and home resale value, installing a fireplace may be the ideal home renovation project. Although it used to be the case that fireplaces were only for appearance and occasional use, innovations in energy and cost efficiency have changed the role of the modern fireplace. In spite of these changes in design and construction, fireplaces continue to provide the same warmth and décor that they have for centuries.

What's Your Style

Today's fireplaces can be specifically designed to fit the style of any room, and they can use a variety of fuels. The three most common types of fireplaces are wood-burning, gas, and electric. Wood fireplaces are the classic option, with an aesthetic appeal that comes only with roaring flames leaping from real wood logs. Gas fireplaces can be made to look like real burning wood, but they run on either natural gas or propane. Gas systems burn cleanly and are much more convenient than wood-burning models. Finally, electric fireplaces have advanced to the point that they look real and produce levels of heat similar to natural fires. They can simply be plugged in and turned on with little hassle.

Making the Right Investment

When choosing between these three options, it is very important to consider the space limitations, desired heat output, and your own dedication to the fire-building process. For example, if you don't have a chimney, an electric unit is a good choice. If you don't want to have to buy and split wood, gas may be the way to go. With any of these options, a fireplace adds unparalleled comfort, style, and value to your home.

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Fireplace Mantels

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Chimney Systems

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