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You can make a grand statement with the foyer. Whether big or small, using the right decor can make this part of your home stand out.

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Stairway Trends

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Today's design-conscious homeowners are using stairways for more than just moving between floors. Whether tucked away or a central focal point, stairways offer an array of possibilities. Materials, design, and function make all the difference in new stairways.

As a general rule, floors and stairs should match. Carpet goes with carpet, and wood goes with wood.

The looks of the past and present might be the same: a sweeping oak staircase that winds luxuriously from the home foyer to a second-floor makes an elegant, yet grand statement. An L-shaped stairway made of rough-hewn timber and fabricated steel sends a more contemporary message; while a compact spiral stairway adds a touch style to a small space. But stairways are inherently practical -- and the latest trends take full advantage of stairs' potential.

Form Follows Function with Stairways

Modern stairways look great and work harder than ever. In modest homes, that can mean using stairs -- and the dead space under each tread -- for storage. Shallow drawers can be added to maximize space. And modern styling makes them virtually undetectable.  

Storage can be had behind stairways in the form of a closet; in a home's foyer, the space behind stairs is also a great place to put a bench and coat hangers or a dog bed.  

Stairways Play with Light and Space

When storage isn't a concern, the option of open-backed stairs can be attractive, especially if you seek optimize the light in your living space. Closed-backed stairs, however, provide a level of safety and comfort that might override any design preferences, especially if you have young children or older adults in the house.

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Foyer Design Ideas

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