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The Top Summer DIY Home Projects

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  • As most people stay inside this summer because of COVID-19 cases, many have found new hobbies to pass the time.

    Reading, video games, cooking, and home renovation have become popular pastimes.

    In fact, here are some of the top summer DIY home projects you’ll want to consider.

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summer DIY home projects

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Paint the outside


  • A fresh coat of paint can greatly improve your home, especially if your current paint job is peeling or bubbling. Paint does two things for your home’s exterior: adds beauty and adds protection against UV light and moisture.
  • Much of your exterior can benefit from a paint job. Front doors are highly susceptible to warping and cracks, which make them prime paint projects. A fresh coat of paint seals the wood and adds curb appeal.
  • You can also repaint the siding and garage door to make your house stand out. With these benefits, painting is a cheap, easy, and mentally stimulating activity you can do.
    4 Reasons to Repaint the Outside of Your Home
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summer DIY home projects

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Repair damaged screens


  • Screens allow fresh air into your home through the back door, windows, patio door, and/or sunroom window panels. Wherever you have them, check your screens for wear and tear. Not surprisingly, damaged screens are some of the most neglected house projects.
  • With summer here, now’s the time to finally fix them. Doing so will protect your house from pests and debris.
  • All it takes is a few tools, like screwdrivers, scissors, and claw hammers, and supplies, like rolls of screen, superglue, finishing nails, and accessories.
  • You can also have a professional installer do this if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself.
    Screen Repair: How to Fix a Window Screen
  • window screen repairscreen rolling toolutility knife

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summer DIY home projects

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Check the gutters


  • Smart homeowners realize how important their rain gutters are. Simply put, your gutters transport rainwater from the roof to the ground through pipes and downspouts.
  • While it doesn’t seem like much, this protects your house against serious damage. When water pools, it can lead to moisture inside nearby buildings. In effect, this can weaken the house’s structure and potentially grow mold.
  • Mold triggers respiratory and allergic reactions among many people, causing serious health problems. These issues arise from a simple mistake many homeowners make: insufficient gutter cleaning.
  • Homeowners often allow their gutters to clog with debris, which can cause overspills and pooling. Clean your gutters a few times a year and avoid these problems.
    Are Gutters Necessary for Your Home?
  • gutter cleaning toolsgutter guardsgutter access ladder

       some gutter maintenance ideas to consider      

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summer DIY home projects

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Mulch and artificial grass


  • Adding one to three layers of mulch around plants, flowers, and garden beds is a top summer DIY home project. Not only will this spruce up your exterior, but it will also promote a healthy landscape.
  • Mulch protects plants by improving their growing conditions, conserving water, and suppressing weeds. While you can purchase prebagged mulch from gardening stores, you can also make your own with shredded wood, grass clippings, raked leaves, and even wet cardboard.
  • Because these are organic materials, the compounds break down and feed the plants they surround. Still, if you’d rather avoid any landscaping maintenance this summer, consider artificial grass.
  • Artificial grass is a great low-maintenance lawn option that requires no mowing, conserves water usage, no weeding, and is child- and pet-friendly.
  • However, avoid these common DIY installation mistakes if installing it yourself. Otherwise, call a professional synthetic grass company and work with them to create your dream lawn.
    9 Types of Mulch to Keep Your Landscape Lush
  • mulch for landscapingmulcher chipper shreddermulch paintartificial grassartificial grass install kit

       some landscaping maintenance ideas to consider      

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