6 Energy-Efficient Home Improvement Projects

6 Energy-Efficient Home Improvement Projects
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    Surprised by your last energy bill?

    Power costs can quickly increase when the HVAC system is blasting or if you add a new appliance to your home.


Luckily, you can invest early in energy-efficient home improvements that will help bring your utility bill down.

Where should you start? It might be something as simple as switching to more efficient light bulbs. If you’re the ambitious type, however, larger projects will yield more considerable savings. Discover a number of things you can do to reduce power consumption in your home.

Switch to Efficient Appliances

Your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer and dishwasher all draw significant quantities of power. Using appliances during off-hours is a good policy, but if you’re using outdated models, you might still use more energy than necessary.

With a little research or some help from your local appliance store, you can upgrade to something long-lasting that will use fewer BTUs.

Install Solar Panels

It’s not just hype, solar saves energy. While the initial investment is somewhat high, you’ll receive a tax credit to offset the cost. Plus, many models point to these systems paying for themselves in around ten years.

Saving power from a solar array will allow you to reduce costs or even run your meter backward, depending on the efficiency and size of your system.

Install an Insulated Garage Door

Hot or cold air that moves through your garage influences the temperature of your home. If your door is poorly insulated and you run the heat or air conditioning, your energy costs increase. An insulated garage door can mitigate the effects of temperature changes in your garage, creating a stable climate for your living space and reducing the need to use extra power.

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Use LED Lighting

You might not think that light bulbs consume much energy, but consider the number of hours in the day they’re on. LED bulbs consume far less power, last longer and don’t produce the same heat as halogen bulbs. They may cost slightly more, but for applications where you’re frequently using the light, they will pay for themselves. Consider switching out your old fixtures.

Install Smart Switches

The "vampire effect" isn’t something from a scary movie. Instead, it refers to the way plugged in appliances continue to use a small amount of energy, even when they’re not running. This effect occurs because the outlet is "on" at all times.

Smart switches eliminate this draw and have the added benefit of being controllable through your devices. You can even run programs that switch off specific outlets and the things plugged into them based on the time of day.

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Upgrade your Doors and Windows

Just like your garage door, your entranceways play a critical role in keeping the ambient temperature in your home stable. Replace your aging windows and doors with updated, better-insulating pieces and you’ll save on energy.

Not only will the old weatherstripping work better to trap hot and cold air, but you’ll have the option to choose super-efficient modern designs, such as double-pane storm or triple-glazed windows, which improve the thermal efficiency of your home.

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Make Your Home Energy Efficient With These 6 Projects

Each of these projects represents a small step towards a lower energy bill. Spending less money isn’t the only benefit of having an energy-efficient home, though. You’ll be doing your part to protect the environment, and you’ll be better insulated from major temperature swings inside your home. As a result, everyone in the house can enjoy a little better quality of life. It’s nice when you can upgrade your home and get money back doing it!

Can you share what energy efficient home improvement that you plan for this year?

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