3 Top Home Improvement Projects to Prioritize

3 Top Home Improvement Projects to Prioritize
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Whether you just moved into a fixer-upper or simply want to upgrade and update your current home, it is necessary for you to be aware of which projects to prioritize. Even when you don’t have to worry about a budget and can afford multiple projects at once, knowing which aspects to focus on first will let you make the most of improving your home.

Top Project #1: Roof Repair and Replacement

Your roof serves as your home’s first line of defense against the devastating effects of nature. However, roof work can be complicated and costly, which is why some homeowners tend to put them off. Unfortunately, you will require roof repairs or replacement at some point, but it’s possible to make sure the need doesn’t come sooner than expected.

This is why it is always best to take a proactive approach when it comes to roofs. Having a maintenance plan that includes regular inspections will ensure minor issues are detected and addressed before they get worse. But in any case, all roofing jobs will begin with inspections. It’s best to have a professional evaluate your roof’s condition, but there are a few things you can take note of on your own.

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A wet and stained patch on your ceiling is a telltale sign you have water and moisture damage due to a roof leak.

Does Your Roof Need Work?

Armed with a pair of binoculars, you can check your roof for the following signs from the ground:

  • Ice buildup or ice dams
  • Loose, missing, cracked or curling shingles
  • Shingle rot and decay, or signs of mold and mildew growth

Inside the home, be on the lookout as well for water dripping or pooling in the attic after a heavy rain and water stains on interior walls. If you notice any or all of these signs and those listed above, your roof definitely needs some work.

Tips to Ensure Successful Roof Repair or Replacement

Before finalizing your roof repair or replacement plans, you should do the following:

  • Hire a quality roofing contractor.
  • Secure building permits, if any are required.
  • Ensure safe and efficient removal of the old roof.
  • Choose your roofing materials and products carefully.
  • Time the construction wisely.

Top Project #2: Window Replacement

Gone are the days when people don’t pay much attention to windows. Aside from letting in light, air and views, windows also play a crucial role in keeping your home looking good and staying comfortable – not too hot nor too cold – and energy-efficient. This is why it’s critical to make sure your windows are in top shape at all times.

Signs You Need New Windows

Not sure if now is the right time to have your old windows replaced? Look out for these telltale signs of irreversible window damage:

  • Condensation between glass panes
  • Drafts penetrating through the window frame
  • Peeling paint and rotting frame
  • Broken glass
  • Cracked caulking
  • Usage difficulties
  • Higher energy bills
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If your window fogs up and wiping it doesn’t help, you’re looking at condensation between the panes, meaning your window seals have broken.

Getting Window Replacement Right

A window replacement project can be a significant investment, so it is something of which  you want to make the most. To ensure window replacement success, keep in mind the following:

  • Get professional recommendations and services.
  • Research replacement window brands.
  • Consider your home’s architecture.
  • Check energy-efficiency ratings.
  • Follow safety codes in your area.

Top Project #3: Siding Replacement

If you really want to bring a huge change to your home’s exterior, you should consider replacing your siding, especially if it’s already showing signs of aging and wear. With worn-out siding greatly affecting your home’s look and value, siding replacement becomes an invaluable investment.

Do you need new siding?
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Siding damage is typically irreversible, only resolved with a replacement.

You don’t have to wait for your siding to fall apart to decide on a replacement.  If you want to maximize your investment, make sure you get new siding once you start spotting these signs:

  • Wet or dry rot
  • Cracked siding panels
  • Big gaps between panels
  • Continuously increasing maintenance requirements
  • Peeling interior paint and wallpaper
  • Rising energy bills
Tips for Siding Replacement Success

Siding will tell a lot about your home, so it’s imperative you choose siding materials and products carefully, and make sure that they are installed correctly. Here are some tips to get siding replacement right:

  • Ensure proper installation by hiring the right contractor.
  • Choose the right siding color based on your home exterior color scheme.
  • Consider maintenance requirements when selecting siding material.
  • Check the siding product’s R-value to determine insulating capacity, which affects energy efficiency.
  • Ask about product warranties  – the longer a warranty is valid for, the longer you’ll be provided with protection.

Finding the Right Contractor

Whatever the home improvement project you choose, one thing is clear: You need to work with the right contractor. Here’s how you can find the right one for you and your home:

  • Look for a Specialist.

    Whether you get roof repairs, opt for a window replacement or get new siding, you’re going to want someone who knows what they are doing. Roofing, window and siding specialists have the experience and knowledge you need to get best results so don’t look for anyone else! Considering doing all three? Look for a home improvement contractor in your area that specializes in roofing, windows and siding for a one-stop shop for all your needs.

  • Get recommendations.

    If friends and neighbors recommend a particular contractor, then they must have done a good job to deserve the free promotion. You can also check with industry organizations like the Better Business Bureau® or National Association of the Remodeling Industry as well as your local contractors licensing office to see how well-liked your prospect is.

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  • Interview your candidate.

    Once you find a contractor you think fits your requirements, call them to learn more about their services and their company. Don’t hesitate to ask questions so you can have a better grasp of with whom you might be working with in the future. If a contractor is dodging your questions, take your business elsewhere.

  • Get estimates in writing.

    If you had a contractor check your home, ask them to provide you with a written estimate. But, it’s best not to sign a contract yet until you…

  • Ask for referrals.

    Aside from checking online reviews, you should also ask the contractor for a list of previous clients that you can call to verify their work. If they are client-recommended, they’ll also likely do a great job on your property.

By knowing which home improvement projects to prioritize and working with a reliable contractor, you can help guarantee that you’ll make the most of your investment. Should you wish to learn more about roofing, windows and siding, just give a reputable contractor in your area a call.

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