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Remodeling Ideas

Want a Bigger Home? 4 Ideas to Expand Your Current House

It would be nice to have extra room in your home for recreation, exercise, work, or just bringing in some little income by renting a small studio.


Lofty Ideas: How Much Does It Cost to Build a Loft?

Would you like to increase the square footage of your home without putting an addition onto it? Then you might want to consider building a loft in it. There are different ways in which you can build a loft in your home.


Making Wise Use Of Your Attic Space

The attic is valuable space that is often underutilized. Meaning that attics are often relegated as storage space for items that build up over time. Maybe that attic should be converted into something else.


Come See My Attic Home Office – Perfect Place to Work or Study

So you work at home … or maybe you need a work station for paying bills or managing home needs. How about converting the attic into an attic home office or study area.

Analysis Attic

photo image analysis: What to Put In the Attic Bonus Room

Your attic doesn’t need to be wasted space? Or even just space for storage. How about converting the attic into a study/playroom area. A place where your kids can play and learn.


Taking Your Old Attic And Converting Into ….

Do you have an older home with a run-down attic? How about converting attic and turn it into something new and exciting.


Attic Living Room

Relaxing conversation room in attic with fireplace Notes: Always a question on what you would like to do with the extra space in the attic. Yes, you normally use your


Attic Conversion Idea: Secluded Bedroom

Bedroom in an attic conversion with pallet bed and wooden crate on brick wall Notes: As your kids become teenagers, they start clamoring for their own bedroom. You can make


What Is In Your Attic Besides …?

Attic interior with storage shelves Notes: What is in your attic? Most of us would likely say too much junk. But some of that junk needs to be kept whether


How Can I Use My Attic Space?

Young women boxing, hitting a boxing bag in the attic. Notes: There are a number of ideas that can be considered for your attic space – it depends how much


Attic Bedroom with Stellar Sky Windows

Loft bedroom covered in hardwood floors with pictures, seat cushions and other decorations with slanted windows above. Notes: View the large sky windows that open the room to the stellar