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Home Entry Stairway

Home Entry Way With Wood Floor and Carpeted Stairs

Home Entry Way With Carpeted Stairs Notes: Your home entry is the welcoming point for any home visitor. Home entry ways should be spacious and inviting – meaning ample lighting

Nursery Room

Baby Nursery and Toddler Room In One

Baby nursery room with toddler bed Notes: What happens when the baby grow out of the nursery crib – do you move them into another room? How about adding a

Dining Area

Modern Dining Room Set for the On-the-Go Person

Modern architectural design of an elegant decorated modern dining room set and table. Notes: Sometimes you don’t need elegance for a dining room set. What you are looking for is


Small Yard – How About a Patio Garden?

Patio garden ideas for small yard Notes: If you have a small garden, you might consider building a patio garden that give you both a patio and framed-in garden. You

Autumn Decor

Summer is Almost Ending – Time to Think Autumn

Window box with autumn decorations Notes: Summer is in its final month – time to think about the coming autumn. So how about decorating your exterior home with autumn decor.

Home Decor

Even the Simple Things Can Add To Your Home Decor

Wall shelf decor for apartment or small room. Notes: You don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate a small room or apartment – you just need to

Home Siding

Brick is the Mid-Option Between Stone and Vinyl

Large brick house with siding trim and tile roof Notes: There is vinyl, stone and wood siding. And then there is brick. Brick is bit more expensive than vinyl but

Dining Area

Breakfast Table Nook When Dining Needs to Be Fast

Dining breakfast table near the kitchen. Notes: For those mornings when everyone needs to get out the door for school or work. If room permits, setup a small breakfast table

Automation & Security

Smart Home Infographic

Infographic on building a smart home Notes: How to make your home smarter? By implementing wifi and other gadgets to reduce costs and simply life. Reducing costs include smart HVAC

Guest Bedroom

So You Need an Extra Bedroom – Now Just Where?

purchased image by Loft bedroom at top of attic entrance. Notes: Extra bedrooms are always needed when friends and family come visiting – or if another child comes into

Exterior Decor

Exterior Window Shutters for Decor

Exterior window shutters for decor Notes: Many homes – particularly those in sunny and seaside areas – have exterior window shutters that open and close. When opened, they are attached

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool with Rock Waterfall

Adding the sound of water dropping into your pool. Notes: This is a nice landscaping feature to add to any in-ground pool – especially that area that borders your property