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Holiday Events

April Fools Day … Don’t Get Tricked

It’s April Fools Day – Tomorrow. Are you going to get tricked?

Holiday Events

Celebrating Passover – Begins Nightfall Today

Passover begins at nightful today – the celebration of the “pass over” as explained in the Old Testament (Exodus 12). Jewish families worldwide will have a traditional feast honoring the holiday.

Walls and Ceiling

Marble For The Walls – In Paper

Marbled styled murals. Bringing luxury back into your home. Let’s take a look at the styles and colors.

Kitchen Accessories

Managing Your Kitchen Napkins

Get the napkins and place them on the table. But wait! Where is you kitchen napkin holder? They will keep all of the napkins neatly organized.


Designing a Rock Studded Fireplace

Let’s be bold regarding interior home fireplace design. How about designing a rock layered fireplace mantel and chimney shoot? Let’s take a peek!


Bringing the Look of London Into Your Home

London calling! That is the Victorian tile effect being displayed below that is unique to London. It is a nice collection of styled flooring ideas for home or office.

Easter Season

Starting The Easter Season Holy Week

Easter week begins with Palm Sunday. So let’s review each day from Palm Sunday and through the week to Easter Sunday. We hope this give you a better understanding of the true meaning of Easter.

Decks & Patios

Keeping Yourself Shaded When Enjoying Your Deck n’ Patio

It is bright and sunny outside. Somewhat irritating to relax with a good book. That is when you open up your patio umbrella. It shades you from the bright sunlight so you can read, eat and relax.


Keeping Your Landscape Watered

Question. How do you keep your landscaped watered during the hot summer months? Maybe it’s time to install your own automated irrigation systems to take the watering burden away.

Porch Systems

Have a Porch? You Got to Have a Porch Planter

Welcome your guests to your home with a nice porch flower planter. It gives your home a nice welcoming touch.

Yard Decor & Lighting

Keeping In Touch With Weather

Is it going to rain? And what is the current temperature outside? Than is when a weather station might work as part of your patio or outside decor.


Let’s Welcome the First Day of Spring

Good bye winter! Welcome spring! Today is the first day of spring. And it is time when wonders begin to take hold as new plants and blossoms begin to decorate our surroundings.