ideas: photo analysis: Looking to Install a Backyard Pond

<span>photo analysis:</span> Looking to Install a Backyard Pond

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  • You can add something really nice to your backyard that will bring joy and entertainment to entire family. It's putting in a pond. Better yet, putting in a pond with a cascading waterfall.

    You can make your pond come alive with running water, landscape plants, fish, and other pond elements that will make your neighbors envy.

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backyard pond

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What do you see in the image above?

  • Cascading waterfalls:

    it’s the waterfalls that make this backyard pond so interesting. But you will need to dedicate a lot of landscape to achieve this type of waterfall effect. So if your backyard area is large enough – and if you have the funds to build an elevated rocky landscape if you don’t have a natural, sloping hill – then adding cascading waterfalls is the answer you need for an attractive and beautiful pond.

  • However, you don’t need a large “hill side” to enjoy the flow of running water. Small elevated landscapes can be built to give you a similar effect. This could be in the corner section of your yard or patio area where a make-shift hill can be constructed to allow a cascading waterfall over rocks and other structures.
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  • Landscaping an elevated side:

    it appears this waterfall structure was created from a hillside in the backyard area. Large boulders and rocks were placed strategically to achieve a natural looking hill with supporting waterfalls. It is a large illustration of a landscaped hillside. But even on a smaller scale, the need of hillside plantings will make your elevated waterfall look natural.

  • Depending on the area size, you can plant small trees, junipers, palms, ferns, shrubs, ornamental grasses, and perennial flowers to give your mountain side the natural look you like.
  • As you landscape your hillside with rocks and supporting features, make sure to allow garden planting space among the rocks for hillside plantings. You might want to consider using shrubs, ferns, and junipers that require less maintenance during the changing season.
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  • Pond fountain:

    if your pond is big enough, why not add a large fountain spray that comes up between two landscape rocks. Or if you have a small pond area, you might consider a small fountain that trickles up.

  • The idea for using waterfalls and fountains is pond circulation – not to mention the soothing sounds that running water makes. Pond water circulation is important for the continued health of the pond. These circulating features can also help in pond aeration – an important ecological task to keep the pond alive for fish and aquatic plants.
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  • Building your pond:

    of course we can forget that a waterfall must empty into a pond to recirculate back up to the cascading hill. The size of the waterfall will likely determine the size of your pond – in order to make it geometrically appeasing.

  • Building a pond is simply carving out an area in your backyard and then adding materials for pond support and landscaping. It could be a simple pond with a pond liner with molded, cascading waterfall; or something bigger with natural ground and rock formations to form a waterfall.
  • Either way, you just need a little know on how to build a pond structure that will give years of backyard pleasure. Make sure to add some nice landscaping, lighting, and perhaps some aquatic plants and fish.
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  • Maintaining your pond:

    the pond is only good as it is maintained. This is especially true if your have aquatic plants and fish.

  • You need to clean your pond regularly, manage weeds and nearby plant growth, control algae, maintain aeration and the right water level, and more. The pond is something you just can’t install and leave as is. You could hire a service contractor to check and clean the pond regularly. The best option is to take the necessary time and steps to maintain your pond for year-long enjoyment.
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  • Final Observation:

    a backyard pond with a waterfall is a valued addition to any landscape. You can landscape the pond area with some interesting plants and aquatic life that will make this area of the yard a mountain or tropical paradise.

  • It doesn’t take much – just some planning and the use of right tools and materials to create your backyard getaway.

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