How to Plumb Your Garden with a Relaxing Pond Feature

How to Plumb Your Garden with a Relaxing Pond Feature
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    Water features are incredibly calming. You can walk peacefully along a meandering stream or dip your toes into a pond.


Not only are these features beautiful, but they can be incredibly beneficial to reducing anxiety, and allow for a quiet place to center yourself after a stressful day with a cluttered mind. However, you can’t just go to the store and buy a pond—not a sizeable one, anyway.

Here are a few things you need to do before you can add your own water feature to your yard.

Establish the Space

Smaller ponds work better if you don’t have a lot of room to work with. Figure out what added features are important to you.

A landscape architect can help you decide this by evaluating both your budget constraints and your yard’s ability to sustain a water feature.

Waterfalls can be tricky for tiny backyards unless coupled with a pump. If you have a large space, however, you can go full Monet and add a bridge arching over lily pads.

Fix the Plumbing

One of the most important aspects of a backyard pond is a water agitator. This prevents bugs or other pests from gathering. Adding water filters, as well, keep the water clean and are especially important for koi ponds.

If you’re not familiar with your home and yard’s pipes and connections, you’ll want to work through a local plumbing service to get this all attached to your existing pipes, as well as to ensure that the pipes leading to your pond are properly insulated so they won’t freeze and crack when winter comes.


Populate with Fish

Fish ponds may be beautiful, but they also require quite a bit of math. Koi ponds need more space. A good rule of thumb is 1 adult koi per 400 gallons of water or 1 adult goldfish per 100 gallons of water. Get the fish used to the temperature before adding them to the pond.

After you have purchased them, float the plastic bag they came in across the pond’s surface. Slowly add pond water. You don’t want to scare the fish or stress them out, as doing so can significantly decrease their lifespan. Assess how they look. If the fish appear to swim peacefully you can safely release them into the pond. Otherwise, try warming up the water with a special heater, or cooling it, depending on the needs of the species you choose.

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Finish with Water-Bound Plants

Be careful about what you surround your pond with. If you filled your pond with koi in the previous step you should be aware that they eat a lot of plants. Goldfish ponds have no such concerns. Either way it is a good idea to use water-bound plants because they look more natural in and around ponds.

There are a couple of different varieties here. Deep water plants like lily pads require you to pot them before sinking the pot into the water. Use a sand and clay mixture that’s been mulched to prevent the pond from getting muddy. Bog plants like the purple pitcher plant thrive in extremely wet conditions. Research your area’s climate before you get planting.

other valuable tips:

You don’t need to stress yourself out in order to get the peace of a pond installed in your yard. Keep these steps in mind and prepare accordingly with the right professional help so that you can get your own water feature for relaxing afternoons.

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