How to Fix Up a Yard With a Pond

How to Fix Up a Yard With a Pond
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    Many people dream of one day owning a home that overlooks water.

    Some people want that water to be the beach or a lake, but those homes are often expensive.

    It's a modern trend to instead look for a home that has a pond.


Ponds come in many different shapes and sizes for homeowners. You may have built your pond yourself or it could have formed naturally on your property before you ever moved in. However you got your pond, there are a few things homeowners should know about pond property maintenance. Read on to learn how to fix up a yard with a pond, so your pond always looks its best.

1. Do Some Lawn Care

When you’re a new homeowner, the thought of getting to do your own lawn care may be exciting. You can plant whatever plants you like around your home and take pride in being the one to make them all look amazing.

At some point, lawn care becomes a chore for everyone. Even though you may not want to be out in the heat, it’s crucial to do some lawn care every once and a while. This is especially true if you have a pond.

Overgrown ponds are never something that looks good. Lawn care can fix this problem in less than a few hours. Use a lawn mower and weed wacker to cut down the grasses and plants around your pond that shouldn’t be there. Pull out troublesome weeds and spray for any insects like ants who may have made a home nearby.

After doing a little lawn care, your pond will already look as good as new. Then you can move on to the more fine tuning parts of fixing up your yard.

2. Clear Out Major Roots

If your pond was something that you installed in your yard, you probably had to clear any major roots out of the area. These can rip through pond lining, so it’s good to check and make sure that they haven’t grown back.

See if you need to clear out major roots, if it’s been a while since you installed your pond. You’ll give your pond a longer lifespan this way and keep it looking its best.

3. Empty Drainage Pipes

Any water feature in a yard has to have drainage pipes. If your area had a flood of lots of rain, the pond would need a way to drain out before it overflowed and ruined your yard. As time goes on, these drainage pipes can become clogged.

Yard debris and algae make it difficult for water to drain efficiently, which is why you should clean your drainage pipes every few months.You can use a drain snake to clear out clogs near the intake, or call a professional to use a roto rooter and remove debris that’s wedged its way deeper into the pipes.

pond with waterfall kitpond with fountain kit

4. Rent a Pressure Washer

Smaller man made ponds typically have some kind of pond liner or large rocks around the bottom of the pond. This is a where algae thrives, which can be good for the ecosystem if you have fish and other animals in your pond. Still, the algae can overgrow and end up making your pond look unkempt. If this is the case with your pond, try renting a pressure washer.

Drain the pond so the bottom is exposed and then pressure wash the liner and rocks. Clean all the algae away if your pond normally doesn’t have fish or anything else living in it. If it does, leave a small bit of algae to grow back and restore the natural balance of your pond’s ecosystem.

5. Treat With Natural Bacteria

Larger natural ponds with no liner still get algae, and that makes it a little more difficult to clean them. A good choice for these pond owners is to treat the water with natural bacteria.

It may sound backwards to add bacteria to a pond that’s overflowing with algae, but it’s an easy and simple solution. The microbial teams in the natural bacteria reduce the build up and bad smell of your pond, without completely wiping out what’s naturally supposed to be there.

pond decorationspond algae control

6. Install a Dock

After you’ve done some yard work and cleaned out your pond, it may feel like it’s still missing something if it’s of a larger size. Consider installing a dock to make your pond look more like the body of water that it is.

Before you purchase a dock or building supplies, decide which dock type is best. The depth and width of your pond will help determine this. You could end up with a floating pond or one that’s more extended into the middle of the water.

You should also think about what you’d use the dock for. Would it only be there to create a visual aesthetic or would you put out a few chairs for fishing? Depending on what you want to use it for, the size of your dock will change.

7. Check pH Balance

Checking the pH balance of your pond regularly is an important part of fixing up your yard if it has fish in it. Fish need a pH level of 7.5 to 8 in order to thrive, so you should check this with an at-home pH test kit.

What do you do if the level is off? Add limestone chips to raise the pH to a normal level, and if the level is too high, you can sprinkle pond salt over the water and let it settle.

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8. Use a Pond Rake

The last thing your pond may need is some time spent raking. Pond rakes are just like old yard rakes. They’re thin and made of metal, so the spikes are close together. Rake the top of the water to catch floating algae and debris.

This may take a good half hour, depending on the size of your pond, but it’s the fastest way to make it look brand new. Consider raking your yard every other day, especially during stormy seasons where there will be new debris after each storm.

Give Yourself Time

Take some time on the weekend to give your yard and your pond a little bit of love. Whether the pond has algae overgrowth, needs a dock or requires some pH help, a quick afternoon may be all you need to fix up your yard.

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