ideas: photo image analysis: Functional Laundry Room

<span>photo image analysis:</span> Functional Laundry Room

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  • What builders somethings leave out in home construction is a functional laundry room area. Most homes have just space for washer and dryer.

    A functional laundry room has more. Let's view this pic image and view why a remodeling may include something more for a laundry room.

first “photo remodeling” image

laundry shelf

copyright image by Pixabay

What do you see in the image above?

  • Knowing what time it is: probably the first item you noticed was the large wall clock. Why is the clock important? Because it notes the time when you spend considerable amount of it in laundry management. Additionally, it’s a nice decor piece for the wall.
  • Utility counter: one of the most functional items for any laundry room. It has ample space where you can sort and fold laundry; and perhaps reading a book or magazine as you await the laundry cycle.
  • Laundry utility sink: for pre-wash and soaking. You may certainly have kids in sports or other outside play. Dirty, grass-stained clothes will require water soaking and pre-wash to get clean. If you don’t have an utility sink, you likely be using your kitchen or bath sinks – not a good idea.
  • Plenty of cabinet space: for laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and other laundry sprays and supplies. This room can also function as a home utility room for storing cleaning supplies, toxic liquids, and everything that manages the home.
  • Tiled floor: perfect for a room area where water and other high humidity is present. Any water spills can be promptly wiped up. It also best floor in the event of a washer leak – which could amount to a lot of water if a seal accidentally malfunctioned.
Final Observation:

wouldn’t it be nice to have this much space for your functional laundry room area – but maybe you do; and it’s time to change it up. So here are some ideas that can be considered. Our only negative is the front-loading appliances. We recommend placing them atop a pedestal that can elevate the height. You will find bending over to service the laundry back-breaking. So elevate them up to reduce the bending over strain.

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