ideas: How to Install a Great Entertainment Center for Your Home

How to Install a Great Entertainment Center for Your Home

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  • The home features we know as entertainment centers have been previously called home theaters. These days, they are also called media rooms, but their functionality of providing audio, video, and multimedia experiences has not changed.

    There are various approaches to installing an entertainment system in your home; in fact, you can even set up more than one system in separate rooms, and they can either be networked or independent of each other.

    With all this in mind, here are a few recommendations:

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install an entertainment center

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Think about furniture first


  • You have probably seen improvised media centers that are simply a bunch of devices and a tangle of wires running in different directions. In other words, these are systems that provide functionality at the great sacrifice of visual appeal.
  • A true entertainment center will either hide the components and cables or present them very neatly. It really pays to sit down and figure out how the room will be arranged and where devices such as receivers, streaming boxes, computers, video game consoles, and speakers should be placed.
    How to Choose an Entertainment Center
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install an entertainment center

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Use professional installation services


  • This is the easiest and smartest method to install the best entertainment center in your home. Providers of audio/video solutions, like Briggs A/V Solutions, think about all the factors that come into play when setting up gaming dens, media rooms, and home theaters.
  • Plus, many of them also offer additional services such as security cameras and structured cabling so that you can install smart home automation systems controlled by hubs such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
    What you need to set up your home media center
  • media cabinetsmedia standwall mounted media console

       some media units to consider      

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install an entertainment center

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Turn a computer into a media center


  • After figuring out the furniture, seating arrangements, viewing angles, and acoustics, you can start figuring out the hardware, display, and audio components of your system.
  • Choosing a PC as the main controller is a very smart option. You simply can’t go wrong with this option, and you will not have to spend a lot of money unless you insist on very sophisticated hardware.
  • A mini PC, also known as a silent PC because it is not equipped with noisy fans for cooling, will cost less than $200, and it will have enough connectors to support a full home theater.
    How to Set Up a Home Media Center & Network – TV, Movies & Video on Demand
  • HTPCsmart TVPLEX serverwifi extender

       some media setups to consider      

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install an entertainment center

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Wired versus wireless


  • The final consideration is no less important. With the right hardware devices and accessories, you can set up a completely wireless system.
  • However, experts will tell you that wired entertainment centers deliver the best in terms of quality and reliability. So use wired speakers and make sure your remotes are all wireless.
  • This is a good balance for an entertainment center to have. You might as well make wireless whatever you can, but focus on the convenience of wireless remotes, for example.
    Best wireless surround sound systems
  • audio speakerswireless keyboardsmart home hub

       some wireless connections to consider      

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install an entertainment center

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In the end


  • Setting up the right entertainment center for your home boils down to planning, but you can also let professionals help you with the plan before executing it.
  • Make sure to incorporate all the elements that you really want in your home entertainment system.
    The Right Way to Design Around a TV
  • TV viewing sofacuddle chairfloor sofa

       some media viewing furniture to consider      

  • What comments can you share about
    setting up your home entertainment room

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