Collection of home decor ideas – Part 3

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It’s cold outside! Wouldn’t it be nice to sit by a nice fireplace on a winter evening? A round fireplace in the middle of the room offers a beautiful setting – and the warmth you need for a cold winter night.

Looking to express yourself? Then you need to pick up a crystal vase. It is the perfect glass piece for home decor and table serve ware. Brings out the feelings you want to express.

Imagine the mental therapy of running water – just so softly. That is why indoor fountains are a favorite in many home.

Another vintage decor item – the vintage rocking horse for nursery or den. A nice item that will spark conversation. and not to mention an item that will look great.

Looking to do some collections that would look great as home decor? Then consider antique clocks. They great in any room.

Winter is coming! Now is the time to collect and stack your winter wood. Can you stack it properly and creatively?

Sometimes we want to keep it simple in home design and decor. Let’s view some ideas on simple decorations that can work for the simplistic view.

If you like vintage decor, have you considered getting a vintage telephone? It could be the sixties look – the seventies – or perhaps something a bit older.

So you have a classic theme for your home library or office. A nice piece to add to your classic theme is a beautifully, designed hourglass.

So you need to decorate a living area table. What can you use? Why not try simple tabletop vases! They can stand alone as a decor piece or hold a beautiful floral arrangement.

Modern sofa furniture – are you ready for the modern look? You can do so much that will make a living or family room stand out. Let’s begin with the sofas.

Type … type … type. The sounds of a creative genius putting their thoughts down on paper. So decorate the “pen room” with some vintage decor that honors their creative thinking.

Rock-a-bye Baby! Oh!, that was in the good days way back when your mother rocked you to sleep. Now it’s time to rock yourself to sleep with your own, comfortable rocking chair.

Looking for furniture for living or family room area? Let’s go with classic-looking leather furniture. You won’t be disappointed.

Trying to decorate your home to make it unique can be challenging. So how about decorating it with telescopes and everything in-between. Maybe a space or geography theme might work.

There are all kind of fireplace styles. Some are rustic – some are classical. But have you consider modern looking fireplace units?

Need a coffee table? You will find so many different styles to choose from that can compliment the living room furniture.

If you have a country-styled kitchen, then you will probably want a vintage styled kitchen faucet. The creative designs will enhance your kitchen look.

So you have a nice fire roaring up in your wood fireplace. So how do you manage the fire? Simple! Just have handy your decorative fireplace tools.

Walk into any living room and you will notice a decorative lamp table. They range is size and styles that can make any room look dazzling.

Let’s be bold regarding interior home fireplace design. How about designing a rock layered fireplace mantel and chimney shoot? Let’s take a peek!

A fireplace mantel can be a great decor piece that can transform any room. You can use the decorative mantel as itself and add decor pieces that compliment the room.

There are all types of living room styles – but how about a modern living room style for the next few years? You can have fun with lighting, paint color and much more. Let’s take a look!

Sectional sofas are furniture pieces that have come of age. Many designs allow you to assemble pieces to form a sectional couch or separate them into individual furniture pieces.

Back in the good ole days, home were heated by wood burning stoves. They were also used to cook on. Technology has moved us away from the wood stove. But it is a nice addition to have in the event of ….

Mommy! Can I have that fish? I promise to take real good care of it. Remember those words you spoke years ago to convince Mom to get you that fish. Now you can … a real big fish.

Leather is one of the finest materials you can get when selecting furniture. It is durable and long lasting. Not only that, it is also beautiful – especially leather chairs. We call them the “King of Chairs”.

Your wall art can range in about every direction. But why not try something new? It’s call Playable Art from They make great conversation pieces for both table and wall decor.

You come home from work. You’re tired. You just need a few minutes to relax and get off your feet. What better place to sit than a nice, comfortable reclining chair. You can lean back and the weight of the world float away.

If you have a wood burning fireplace, you need an area where your can store the fuel … a wood storage container. You can pick something from a very simple log bin to something more elaborate and decorative. Let’s take view!