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Doors and Windows

Storm Doors to Protect Against …

Storm doors have become very fashionable with decorative glass and design. And they are nice to let the sun shine in without letting critters in.

Home Decor

Using a Crystal Vase for Expression

Looking to express yourself? Then you need to pick up a crystal vase. It is the perfect glass piece for home decor and table serve ware. Brings out the feelings you want to express.

Walls and Ceiling

Making Home Repairs – Walls and Ceilings

When it comes to walls and ceiling, many home repairs and decoration can be DYI. Painting, repairing, and decorating your walls & ceiling are generally DYI. Installation and major repairs may require professional experts.

Holiday Events

Celebrating New Year’s Eve 2019

We first begin with New Years Eve New York. Then we move west to Chicago and all other major US cities by time zone. A nice way to welcome in the New Year.

Nursery Room

Series of Infant Growth and Caring Guides: 10-Month

Their independence is beginning to show. Your 10-month old infant is crawling strong and attempting to stand by themselves. Almost ready to walk.

Christmas Time

Getting Ready for Christmas Day – Good Luck Santa!

It is early Christmas Day! Santa is on his way. What a busy day it will be. Best of luck to Santa and his team.


Finding That Perfect Shower Faucet

You got to love your shower – especially when you need to relax. So your shower head is key to a great shower experience.

Christmas Time

The Christmas Story Through Music

Christmas Eve is tomorrow (December 24). Christian homes throughout will read and recite the Christmas story. Let’s tell it again through music.

Roof & Gutters

When Should You Invest in Roof Repair or Replacement?

Keeping your roof in top form is a year-round priority. After all, the roof is your home’s biggest and most effective weather barrier, helping ensure dry and damage-free living spaces.


Taking a Look Inside The Kitchen Sink

So in remodeling your kitchen, one item you must consider is the kitchen sink. Will it have one section or two? Let’s look inside.

Christmas Time

Christmas Tree Candles – The Traditional Way

If you go back in time and lighted up a Christmas tree, you would attach real candles to the tree. And on Christmas Eve, you would like them to celebrate the Christmas season.

Guest Bedroom

Simply Design Loft Bedroom Area

Let’s do a loft conversion! That means taking some extra space or attic and converting it into a simple loft bedroom for guest or family.