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Garden Planting

landscaping (annual flowers) –      Lobelia

When you need a deep blue color for your garden bed or container, turn to the lobelia flower. It comes in deep blue and other beautiful colors.

Yard Decor & Lighting

Some Garden Decor Tips For Your Landscape

There are so many ways you can decorate your garden. But the question is how to use yard decor without being tacky. The ideas is to create a decor item that compliments your landscaping design.


5 Design Tips for Picking Out Home Furniture

Even though choosing furniture for your home can be exciting, the process can be stressful as well. Our homes should be the place where we feel the most comfortable, so of course, we want to be proud of the way it looks.

Exterior Home

Improve Your House’s Curb Appeal with These Tips

You have proven strategies you should consider when it comes to improving your house’s curb appeal. In fact, there are five tips you definitely need to consider.


Having To Decide On Ceiling Lighting

Lighting – it is one of the great gifts we have in modern times. Simply flip a switch and the whole lights up. But one of the best lighting sources is the ceiling light. From up high the lighting source can illuminate a large room area or a particular area where the light source is needed.

Analysis Style Kitchens

photo analysis: Items for Your New Kitchen Design

Re-doing your kitchen involves a lot of thinking. What kind of layout, appliances, color and more. Let’s analyze a few items for a new kitchen design.

Home Office

5 Amazing DIY Tips for a Home Office Setup

Are you ready to create a professional and cozy home office setup on a low budget? You’ll be happy to learn that this is more than possible. Home offices are important in order to stay productive and to separate that important boundary between your work life and your home life.


6 Landscaping Services to Leave to a Professional

We all desire the perfect curb appeal that allows our property to stand out high above the rest. Unfortunately, many of us play landscape-weekend-warrior and try to tackle some of the tougher projects on our own.

Home Decor

5 Ways to Make Your Home Décor More Sophisticated and Modern

When you first moved out, you probably lived on a shoestring budget and filled your home with the cheapest furniture and décor you could find. But now that you’re adulting for real, it’s time your home feng shui matched your income.


Using Pop Culture Icons in Bathroom Design

Pop culture has brought us some of the most talented and influential people, helping to shape our world today. So, it’s probably no surprise that here at Drench we’ve been greatly influenced by them.

Utility Needs

7 Important Things You Need For A New Home

It requires a lot of effort and time to find a house that’s everything you hoped for. But if you thought it’s going to smooth sailing after that, you’re in for a small surprise. The real challenge is now: moving in and converting a house into your home.

Garden Planting

landscaping (annual flowers) –      Pansy

When you need bold n’ varying colors for your garden, consider the hardy pansy. A delicate flower with bold colors and easy to grow in cooler climates.