How to Install a Whole House Water Filter + Softener

How to Install a Whole House Water Filter + Softener
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    Whole house water filters make your home water clean and safe.

    If you also hate the damaging effects of hard water on clothes, surfaces, and appliances, pairing a whole house water filter with a softener is best for you.


Keep reading if you need a guide to installing these two important home water systems. We’ll show you how to install a whole house water filter and softener for healthy and easy-to-use water in your home.

How to Install a Whole House Water Filter

If your home water contains a lot of particles or has high levels of chlorine, you should install a water filter before installing a softener. That way, contaminants can be filtered out first before the water enters the softener.

Here’s how you can install a whole house water filter:

  • Close your main water valve and open all taps to drain the remaining water.
  • Pick a location close to the main shut-off valve on your main plumbing line.
  • Mark and cut out an area wide enough to fit in your filter.
  • Use sandpaper to smoothen the ends where you cut the pipe. Remove all present particles in the pipe.
  • Fix a shut-off valve on one end of your water filter system.
  • Now, fix the filter system in the space you cut out earlier.
  • Ensure that the inlet and outlet pipes of the filter are properly positioned.
  • Seal all woven ends with Teflon tape and ensure that all plastic fittings are tightened as you fix the filter.
  • After you fix the filter to your pipeline, turn on the main water valve to test-run and check for any water leakages.
  • Once there are none, open taps, so the water runs for a few minutes and flushes out leftover sediments.
  • Activate the filter following the instruction manual and enjoy clean, filtered water at home.

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      some water conservation to consider      

If you want your whole house water filter to last long, you should change the cartridge that comes with the filter at least every six months. Learning how to change whole house water filters will make them last longer.

How to Install a Whole House Water Softener

You should install a water softener if your water does not contain many particles and chemical contaminants.

Here’s how to install a whole house water softener:

  • Switch off your water at the main valve.
  • Pick a location close to your plumbing’s main supply line where the softener and salt tank can be installed. Then, mark and cut the pipe.
  • Attach the softener tank to the cut pipe by soldering and using the softener’s compression fittings.
  • Using a hose clamp, connect your drain line to the softener valve.
  • Now connect the outlet pipe of the softener to the salt (brine) tank.
  • Add salt to the salt tank and turn on your water to flush out any leftover sediments.

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      some water softening ideas to consider      

Installing a whole house water filter and a softener will make your home water safe and keep hardness at bay. Remember to fix a filter first if your water contains many particles and chemicals.

Installing whole house systems may not be as easy as installing point-of-use systems, but by carefully following this guide, you might be able to pull it off! And if you’re skeptical about trying it yourself, you can always call a professional for help.

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