How To Fix Cracks on the Outside of Your House

How To Fix Cracks on the Outside of Your House
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    When you find cracks on the outside of your home, it can cause quite a bit of anxiety.

    Your home is likely to be the largest financial investment that you ever make.


Seeing it possibly falling apart can make you worry about money and where you live at the same time. However, as wrinkles happen with people getting older, cracks are just something that happens to a home over time.

Knowing how to fix cracks on the outside of your house is a lot better than worrying about them and feeling powerless.

Inspect the Cracks

The first step of any repair process is to determine the amount of damage. Look at the cracks closely.

Get a measuring tape and measure the length of the crack. If the crack looks bad enough, you may want to measure how deep it is.

Now you may want to fill the cracks immediately, but it’s important to see if the crack is spreading. If you can, you should wait a few months and measure the cracks again.

If they are growing, you may need to have a home inspection done. However, if the cracks are not growing, you can go ahead and fill them using the techniques below.

Apply More of the Same to the Walls

If you are lucky, the cracks are only in the paint or finishing of your home. If that’s the case, you might be able to apply more of the same finish and call it a day.

When there are no structural issues present, then just sealing up the crack cosmetically can restore the look. It should also prevent the crack from getting deeper or bigger because there won’t be water running through it any longer.

Concrete Epoxy

In many cases, you might opt for concrete epoxy for its neutral color and sheer durability. You can possibly inject it into cracks or work it in with a brush before you let it harden in place.

It will fill cracks completely but still offer you a flat finish on the surface. With a nice, flush finish, you will be able to stain or paint over the fix to match the surrounding exterior.

It is important to check on these repairs yearly. That way you can know whether the problem has been solved or not.

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A Professional Solution

Acrylic render is one option that local professionals might offer as a service. Designed to blend in with many different materials and finishes, the right acrylic application won’t even be visible to the naked eye when done right.

Acrylic renders often mesh with the current aesthetic surrounding. Additionally, it should also provide a water- and weather-resistant protection. This option not only fills a crack but gives your house a new layer of protection you can rely on.

Just because a home has cracks on the outside doesn’t mean the place is falling down. The exterior of your home has to protect the inside from the elements 24/7 for years on end, and it will eventually show signs of wear and tear.

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Normal settling or even thinning paint or finishing might result in cracks, too. Your home needs your attention and upkeep from time to time. Knowing how to fix cracks on the outside of your home is just a normal part of the process.

So be sure to look for any cracks in your home at least once a year.

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