Most Common Causes of Home Siding Damage

Most Common Causes of Home Siding Damage
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    Houses should protect us, but sometimes the materials themselves can become hazardous.

    Some signs you must replace your siding include dents, warped panels, and faded paint.


While no one wants to replace siding, the most common causes of home siding damage can happen to anyone. Figuring out how to avoid them is the best way to steer clear of a costly repair.

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Lack of Maintenance

Your home may fall into disrepair if you neglect it. Don’t let your siding become damaged because you abandoned it to the elements. Maintain your home by power-washing it at least once per year.

Further, inspect it for minor damage that you can take care of before it grows. It’s especially crucial to examine your siding after a heavy storm. If your home is tall, use binoculars to see the highest sections.

Inclement Weather

Harsh weather is one of the primary causes of damaged siding. Even a large gust of wind can strip loose panels of siding from your house. Hail and objects that strong winds carry may puncture your siding as well.

Vinyl siding is most likely to receive damage from storms. It’s susceptible to becoming punctured by any flying object. Baseballs and lawn equipment can dent or crack vinyl.

Excessive Moisture

If you don’t have an effective moisture barrier beneath your siding, your home may experience issues. It’s vital to know how to fix gaps in your siding to avoid this.

In most cases, it’s difficult to tell if water is hurting your siding until the damage is complete. You may notice mold, buckling, or warping.

vinyl siding cleanerpower washers

      some vinyl maintenance to consider      

Pest Infestation

Wood siding is especially at risk for pest infestations, though vinyl may attract some bugs, too. They eat the wood and attract other pests that eat them.

You may notice that your siding has pests if birds pick at it and panels begin to crumble. Before your home becomes an ecosystem for bugs and birds, use insecticides and hot water to disinfect your home.

Common pests that bother siding include:

  • Termites
  • Beetles
  • Carpenter bees
  • Woodpeckers

Poor Installation

Hiring the wrong contractors to do the job may result in siding that doesn’t hold up to the test of time. Whether you bought your home in its current condition or made some poor decisions in the past, you can recover by finding a reputable contractor.

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Make sure you check reviews when finding someone to replace your siding. The last thing you want after an expensive remodeling project is to regret your choice.

The most common causes of home siding damage include weather, pests, and other natural elements. Still, we are our own worst enemies at times. Skipping maintenance on your home can also lead to issues.

Further, if you install your own siding, you might make a costly mistake. Let professionals do the job right the first time so that you’re less likely to run into any of these issues down the road.

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