Choosing The Right Bricks for Your Project

Choosing The Right Bricks for Your Project
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    Some people are surprised to learn that not all bricks are alike.

    Bricks are very much like ceramics, which can range from hard and vitrified porcelain to soft, porous terra cotta.


They are in fact, similar to ceramics for the same reasons. The reasons largely depend on what the brick is made of and the temperature at which it is fired.

Here are some bricks used in construction:

  • Common,or Building Brick

    These bricks have no particular texture or pattern and are used in general construction. They need plastering if they are used to build walls.

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  • Sand Lime Brick

    The ingredients for these bricks are sand, lime and fly ash. After they are mixed together, they are subjected to a chemical procedure, molded then fired. Sand lime bricks are gray instead of red, do not need plastering and are very strong. These bricks are good for load-bearing structures.

  • Engineered Bricks

    Engineered bricks are fired at very high temperatures. This makes them strong and almost waterproof. They are good for building in damp environments and resist chemical damage. They are a bit more expensive than regular bricks. If they are fired at extremely high temperatures, they are blue and nonporous.

  • Adobe Brick

    These are large, clay bricks which are rough-molded and dried in the sun. They can be of different sizes and are used as building material in hot, dry climates.

  • Salmon Brick

    This brick is soft and underburnt. It is a pinkish color and not weather resistant. Because of this, salmon brick is used in the interior of buildings, often between timbers.

  • Clinker Brick

    In contrast to salmon brick, clinker bricks are fired at such high temperatures that they are nearly vitrified. They are extremely hard, heavy, dense and dark colored but are long lasting and water-resistant. They are used in building construction, but they do not insulate well.

  • Facing Bricks

    These bricks are specially treated, textured, and colored. They are used decoratively on the exterior of buildings.

  • Fletton Brick

    This versatile brick has a smooth surface and can be used on the exterior or interior of a building. It has a pinkish red color and can be painted and rendered. It is mass produced and very common.

  • London Stock Brick

    This brick is traditionally handmade. Because of this, no two London stock bricks are exactly the same. It has a pockmarked texture, and is brown or yellow.

  • Concrete Brick

    These bricks are made of concrete and are often used as piers in fences. They can be dyed or stained different colors.

  • Glazed Bricks

    These bricks are coated with ceramic and are used as veneering for walls.

  • Brick Pavers

    Brick pavers are thin bricks that are used in walkways. Some of these pavers are made from old bricks that were once used in now demolished structures, and they can have attractive, antique colors due to decades of being out in the elements. They can last for many years, and are easy to replace if they crack or chip. Brick pavers are easy to care for and never go out of style.

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