Best Natural & Affordable Weed Killers to Keep Your Garden In Shape

Best Natural & Affordable Weed Killers to Keep Your Garden In Shape
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    Summer is a busy time for weeds creeping up in gardens and this can affect other plants growing.

    To get rid of weeds, you don't need to manually remove each single one, if you've got better things to do.


Much easier and environmentally friendly methods to treat your garden with homemade weed killers come in handy and enhance the beauty of your garden while being kind to the environment.

But if you still need to remove hedge clippings, weeds, turf, and litter, you can hire garden junk removal experts that can bring your garden waste to the nearest recycling center for you.

Find out more about some affordable and effective natural DIY weed killers for the best outcomes.


Organic mulch such as bark chips or wood chips are a great natural week killer as they form a protective layer on the soil that blocks out light so that weeds cannot grow well. Additional benefits of mulch are that it promotes soil health and protects plants in winter.

Organic mulch breaks down and releases nutrients to the soil, just as organic food waste aka compost does. Mulching can even prevent retain moisture on sunny summer days, and in winter it protects plants from cold and frost.


Some extremely stubborn weeds like dandelions for example may require manual digging up by hand to be effectively removed. Eradicating weeds by removing the root will permanently remove them for once and all.

Troweling involves a little manual labor, but you will be able to enjoy a weed-free garden landscape.

Before you get started with the weeding, thoroughly water the area of the garden or lawn where you want to remove weeds. Moist soil is easier to work with and trowel.

Dig around the weeds and carefully loosen them from the ground as to not break the roots, because the weeds will return if you don’t fully remove the root.  

Ground Cover

Ground cover plants can make your garden look more natural, and they are one of the best eco-friendly ways to keep weeds out for good. If your garden is exposed to full sun all day, use creeping ground plants.

You can also find suitable ground covers for shady areas. Perennial ground covers prevent light coming through so that weeds can’t sprout and grow.

Another benefit of planting ground cover plants is that they are low maintenance while still providing your garden with a vibrant color blanket.

Grow Lawn Grass

Let the grass in your garden grow higher to prevent pesky weeds from taking root in your lush lawn. If your lawn grass is too short, weeds can grow and affect the appearance of your lawn.

Although you want your lawn to look like a green carpet, you’re only promoting weeds. The ideal height for grass growth depends on the type of lawn grass, but most grass can have a length of 2.5 to 7.5 cm.

It is generally a good idea to remove dandelions or crab grass first before mowing for the most effective natural weed control.

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Newspaper & Cardboard

Using newspaper or cardboard is an environmentally friendly way to kill weeds and recycle your household waste. Place a layer of newspaper on top of low-growing weeds such as crab grass or clover as a DIY method of weed control.

Newspaper is made of organic materials and reduces light coming through to eventually kill the weeds covered with it. You can also use newspaper or cardboard as a safe and environmentally friendly landscape fabric.

But beware of using colored newspaper. You should only use black and white newspapers. The same applies to cardboard as you do not want to use materials that have been treated with chemicals.


Corn Gluten Flour

Spreading corn gluten flour on lawns can prevent weeds from appearing and affecting its appearance. Corn gluten prevents weed seeds from rooting after germination.

The other advantage of corn gluten is that it contains nitrogen, which is a beneficial nutrient that feeds your lawn to promote healthy growth.

Natural Week Killers are Affordable and Easy to Find

Now that you know how to make and use homemade, natural, and affordable weed killers, you can maintain an organic beautiful garden with very little investment of time and money. Safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly weed killers eliminate the need to use potentially harmful chemicals.

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By using eco-friendly weed control techniques, the appearance of weeds in your garden can be significantly reduced while you’re doing your bit for the environment. Achieve the best results with nature’s help and garden waste removal experts to adequately dispose of your weeds.  

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