Your Sprinkler System Needs Repair if You Notice These Signs

Your Sprinkler System Needs Repair if You Notice These Signs
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    Some homeowners rely on the rain to maintain or water their lawn, depending on where they live.

    However, in some places or during certain seasons like summer, the grass may start to turn yellow and burnt.


Therefore, it needs enough water to keep it healthy. That means you need to start using your sprinkler system to ensure your lawn grass gets adequate water to prevent it from drying. Watering is one of the tasks you need for proper lawn maintenance.

As the hot season starts, you must ensure your sprinkler system is in good shape to run the whole season. However, you may not keep your grass healthy if the system has an issue.

Therefore, it is vital to check your irrigation system and take care of any issues before you need to start using it. Knowing when the sprinkler system has a problem is not always easy.

However, if you notice the following signs, it is an indication that your system requires quick repair.


If you notice leaks along the system, that is a huge problem that needs to be fixed immediately. Leaks are not only inconvenient but also result in high water bills.

If you notice leaks, it indicates that pipes underground have cracked. Therefore, repair the pipes immediately to prevent further costs.

Furthermore, leaving the water to leak can ruin your yard with muddy and marshy portions.

Other parts may die because of a lack of water. So, avoid this by fixing the leaks as soon as possible. Most importantly, don’t attempt to DIY.

Low Pressure

It is difficult to handle a pressure issue on your sprinkler system like you can with a fixture in your bathroom. Therefore, the best thing to do if the pressure is too low or too high is to call an expert.

You may notice low pressure from uneven watering, where some areas are over-watered or under-watered. That means some areas may be dry while others may be swampy. The issue could be because of an obstruction within the system.

Therefore, search for “lawn care near me” to find the best expert to handle the low-pressure issue. The professional will assess the system to know the origin of the issue. They will let you know in case the issue is because of damaged heads or valves.

Uneven Watering

Check the state of water distribution in the yard. If you notice that some areas are more soaked than others, it could mean an issue with the sprinkler system.

You can also notice inconsistent watering on sidewalks and dry spots. That means the sprinkler heads around the dry areas may be faulty, or you may have a leaking valve. Therefore, get an expert to fix it.

Too much or too little water in one portion may cause yellowing on the grass. So if you notice brownish or yellowish portions on the grass, call an expert to check the system and fix the issue.



Sputtering Heads

Check the condition of the sprinkler heads. When heads are damaged, they spray the water away from the intended direction. It may be because of low or high pressure, or the heads could be damaged.

The cracks on the heads could be interfering with their performance, or they could be clogged. So, check the pop-up heads and adjust them to ensure they work properly.

In case they are damaged, you need a professional to repair them.

Too High Water Bill

If you notice the water bill is going extremely high when you use the sprinkler system, it could mean there is an issue. You could be paying extremely high water bills but not getting the desired results.

Therefore, have the system checked by a professional to know where most of the water is going. There could be leaks from cracked pipes or damaged sprinkler heads that could let water escape.

The expert will examine the system and repair any issues to help save money and keep your lawn healthy.

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Having a well-functioning sprinkler system is one crucial thing you need for a healthy lawn. Therefore, work with the best lawn care professionals to find the best system.

If you have questions about installing, repairing, or maintaining your sprinkler system, you must speak with professionals for the best advice. Professionals will assist you in picking the best solution and plan for the inspection of your system.

Some professionals even offer maintenance services at affordable prices to ensure your sprinkler system is in its optimal condition.

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