7 Cost-Saving Tips For First Time Home Renovators

7 Cost-Saving Tips For First Time Home Renovators
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    If you are a first-time home renovator or looking to save money on your next renovation project, here are seven cost-saving tips to consider.


From using coupons and discounts to finding a contractor who is willing to barter for their services, these low-cost ideas will help you get the job done without breaking the bank.

#1 Do It Yourself

Of course, enlisting professional help is always good. However, if you’re looking to save money during your renovation, doing it yourself is a great option. If you’re unsure where to start, consult your local hardware store or bookstore for DIY guides and books that will help get the job done from start to finish.

If you’ve never done an extensive home renovation before, the cost and time invested in preparing for it can be daunting. You will want to invest your time wisely so that your project is as efficient as possible.

Clean up any debris, prepare the surfaces, and paint them if necessary before contractors come. However, it’s important not to overestimate what you can do and for tasks like getting rid of or putting back together drywall? That is one part of a job which is best left to professionals.

#2 Reuse Materials

Reusing your materials is a great way to cut down on costs. Avoid purchasing new materials for projects and try to use what you already have. If the colors don’t match, then paint them!

If you can’t reuse any material in your area, consider exploring salvage yards or buying at construction auctions.

Finally, don’t forget about websites where you can purchase used materials. You can often barter for these used materials and get them for cheaper than the already low listing price.

#3 Get multiple quotes

Getting multiple quotes on your project will help you get the best pricing. It’s also a good idea to ask for references, so if there are any problems down the line, you can call them and find out how reliable they are.

The more quotes you get from different companies, the more apt you’ll be able to see what materials cost where and who is offering quality at a better deal than others.

This way, for example, when someone asks about prices on boards per square foot, we know exactly which store sells them cheaper by $0.25 per board.

#4 Mix affordable and luxury materials

Mixing affordable and luxury goods can help with the costs of your home renovation.

For example, you can get excellent quality tiles on sale for a lower price than something like marble or granite but then have luxurious things in other places to offset it. More often than not, when done right, this will give a luxurious feel, and your guests would never know you got that look with a bargain.

This works for furniture as well. If you’re renovating your family room, compare sofa brands, and find an affordable option that still looks luxurious. With the money you saved from the sofa, you can then find high-quality throws and pillows to decorate it and make it look like a fancy 5-star hotel sofa.

#5 Wait for big sales

When renovating, it’s essential to have patience when buying materials. If you can, try to time your renovation with upcoming sales like Black Friday.

If you want to save time, then check out online stores like Wayfair. They often have fantastic sales that can help cut down the cost of materials and products for your home renovation.

You can also always ask family members if they know where to find good deals or coupons. A lot of people will be happy to oblige.

Another thing you could do is call around places in your area that sell a specific product such as grout, carpeting, wallpaper etc., this way, you’ll hear about any other sales going on locally before making a purchase decision with one company only.

It’s important to note when shopping at these locations, don’t forget about shipping costs, too which are usually added to the final price tag

#6 Share the bills with a neighbor

If you’re looking to renovate your yard with a fence, consider sharing the cost with a neighbor.

Even better, if you know a neighbor is looking to renovate their home, you can get together and see which materials you’ll need that might overlap. Sharing the cost of materials and buying in bulk can often get you lower prices.


#7 Keep the kitchen sink and toilets in place

If possible, try to keep the kitchen sink and toilets in place. The cost of new plumbing fixtures that can replace these items is lower and easier to get than you might think.

The kitchen sink, for example, can be replaced with a new one that includes both the garbage disposal and dishwasher connections.

Similarly, toilets often only need to have their internal workings changed if they are leaking water or not flushing correctly.

Finally, if you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, there are many ways to design and improve the look of the washroom without having to do a complete renovation.

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In conclusion, saving money on your home renovation is possible, and many first-time home renovators do it. The key is to plan, research the best options, and be willing to save up for what you want.

Keep in mind that many factors make a project more expensive than expected, so it’s essential to have an accurate budget at hand before starting on any renovation work. That said, we hope this list was helpful and that it gets you one step closer to getting your dream home.

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