Add Culture To Your Home With Luxury Rugs From Morocco

Add Culture To Your Home With Luxury Rugs From Morocco
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    Rugs are much like the drapes in your home.

    They add style, culture, and a sense of comfort that makes your house feel like a home.


They provide a soft surface to step on after a long day at work, showcase beautiful designs that you can easily get lost in and can last for decades if they’re cared for properly.

Morrocan rugs are widely regarded as the highest quality rugs on the market and are highly sought after by collectors, interior designers, and high-end Los Angeles homeowners looking to add culture to their home. If you can get your hands on an authentic luxury rug from Morocco, then trust us- you’ll never want to let it go.

What’s So Special About Morrocan Rugs?

If you go to your average hardware store or rug market, 99% of all the rugs you see come from China or somewhere in Southeast Asia.

They’re made in crowded, dingy factories and often use sub-premium synthetic fibers or artificial wool.

When you pick them up, they often smell of harsh cleaning chemicals used to cleanse the dirt of the factory. They’re not exactly something that you’d be proud of in your home.

What makes Morrocan rugs so special is the fact that they’re all 100% hand-made by craft artisans who’ve dedicated their lives to sourcing organic wool and sewing these rugs on a traditional loom.

Every single rug is unique and different from another, meaning that no two rugs are the same.

What Are The Different Types Of Moroccan Rugs?

The art of rug-making goes back hundreds of years in Morocco, and the craft put them on the map as a major trade hub. As a result, Morrocan rugs had made their way around the world into French and English palaces and the homes of Japanese royalty long before European expansion into America.

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That being said, there are different types of Moroccan rugs, each hailing from different regions of the country. Each region is said to have its own unique style and uses different colors of dye and wool based on the natural resources available in the region. These can be considered true vintage rugs.

  • Azilal

    These luxurious Morrocan rugs hail from the Azilal region in the Atlas mountains. They’re known for their beautiful abstract designs that are made using different colors of dye from mountain berries and fruits.

  • Boujad

    Boujad Morrocan rugs come from the Haouz region and are easily distinguishable by their vibrant earth-toned colors that range from purple and red to beige and crimson. Each rug features geometric patterns that tell a story unique to the rug maker.

  • Beni Ourain

    Beni Ourain are some of the most popular rugs due to their stark contrast of black and white. These rugs hail from the Atlas region where Azilal rugs are made.

    However, instead of using vibrant colors, they use only white and black fur obtained from Beni sheep, giving them a very modern and elegant appearance.

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  • R’Bati

    R’Bati rugs are almost always made in the capital city of Morocco. For centuries these were held to be some of the most elegant and luxurious rugs in the world and they were regarded as fit for royalty.

    They often come in deep shades of green, purple, and red, featuring geometric and abstract designs that draw heavily on diamonds and triangular shapes.

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