5 Common Causes of Water Damage

5 Common Causes of Water Damage
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    As much as water is a priceless resource to humans, it can also be destructive.

    It can affect your home, causing damage like discoloring your walls, forming mold, and weakening the building's foundation.


It can be pricey, especially if you do not address any damages as soon as they happen. Discussed below are some causes of water damage.

Damaged Pipes

Plumbing systems get damaged from time to time, especially in older homes. Make a habit of inspecting stains, bulges, or cracks on your ceiling or floor. If you spot a stain or a leak, that is a sign that there is water damage in your home.

A spike in your water bill can also mean additional damages to your flooring, landscaping, or foundation. When you notice signs of water damage, call water damage repair services right away to fix it so that the issue does not escalate.

Clogged Drains

Dirt, hair, grease, and other material can easily clog the sink or the bathroom drain. Pipes usually break down, and structural damage is widespread.

However, if you do not clear the clogged drains, you run the risk of health conditions from improper sanitation and possible damages to other parts of your home.

Often pour boiling water down the drain at least once a month to help dissolve soap scum, grease, or any other debris that may clog your pipe.


When appliances get older, it is common for their pipes to rust and the hoses to weaken. If your dishwasher starts to leak, you will have an unwelcomed puddle on the floor.

Common causes of a leak include a broken door, worn-out gaskets, and clogged drains. A leak can damage paint, your kitchen’s tiles, or the electrical wiring.

To help prevent this, make a habit of scraping food before loading the dishwasher. Additionally, run vinegar through the machine every month.  Washing machines can also cause flooding if the hoses are leaking.

flood barrierswater alarm

      some water damage prevention to consider      

Natural Disasters

Floods, hurricanes, snowstorms, and breaking dams may lead to excess water in your home. Land can absorb large amounts of water, which can overflow into your home.

People living in flood-prone areas will often raise their homes on stilts to prevent flooding. Others have sump pumps and foundation vents installed in their basements to prepare for floods. When leaving your home for an extended period, switch off the water main to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Malfunction Sprinkler Systems

Your sprinkler systems are meant to only activate in the event of a fire to save your life and property. However, there are incidences that older sprinklers have turned on by themselves even without a fire.

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The result is your home flooding damaging property, especially your electrical gadgets like computers and the TV. Therefore, ensure proper maintenance of your sprinklers from time to time to only work when they are required to.

While sometimes water damages cannot be predicted, inspect your plumbing system often, ensuring everything is in place. If you live in coastal areas, consider buying additional flood insurance to cover any losses from water damage.

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