The Five Best Tools to Have in Your Arsenal if you are a Fix-it-Yourself Home Owner

The Five Best Tools to Have in Your Arsenal if you are a Fix-it-Yourself Home Owner

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4.3 out of 5
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    Doing minor home improvement repairs and remodels can save you a bundle of money.

    Having the proper tools and know-how to handle the many small repairs a home might need is immensely satisfying ...


Having the proper tools and know-how to handle the many small repairs a home might need is immensely satisfying—you do not have to rely on the schedule and availability of a handyman, and can rest securely in knowing that you are able to keep things on the home front running smoothly. If you consider yourself a fix-it-yourself homeowner, or plan to refine your handyman or handywoman skills, there are a few essential tools you will need in your arsenal. The following are a few of the best items for any fix-it-yourself toolbox.

Cordless Drill

Perhaps the most versatile and widely used tool you can have, a cordless drill helps you tackle nearly any home improvement project you can find. Different bit attachments allow you to drill holes, screw in screws and even buff, polish or sand objects. Few tools boast the many abilities the cordless drill can offer and at around $50 to $75, they are very affordable.


For all your basic cutting needs, a hacksaw with removable blades is an excellent addition to the toolbox. You can purchase blades designed for different uses, which makes this a tool that comes in handy during a variety of projects. For example, a wood blade for cutting 2x4s is helpful when you want to build a playhouse or your own bed frame. According to the plumbers at Need-A-Plumber Canada, a metal blade can be used to cut pipes during your next plumbing project. A decent saw can be found for under $25 with replacement blades around $5.

Rotary Tool

The rotary tool, such as the Dremel, can be used to sand, drill, polish, cut and grind. These are excellent for crafts where a fine finish is needed or even for trimming your pet’s nails. When you need to get into small places with high speed to cut, a rotary tool can get the job done and for around $75.

5-in-1 Putty Knife

The 5-in-1 putty knife is a versatile tool that can scrape, screw, cut, chisel and clean, all for under $10. When you have a spill that has dried, your putty knife can scrape it clean off the carpet. When you are painting, the curved edge is ideal for scraping excess paint off of your roller. You’ll find this tool comes in handy during a number of projects, and will be glad to have it.


Every building project needs a level to be sure it is put together correctly. From hanging pictures to building a shed, your project is only as perfect as its alignment. Basic levels start at under $10, but you can buy laser levels for as much as $150.

Once you bulk up your toolbox, you might be surprised at just how many projects you can accomplish with these five tools in your arsenal. As you obtain the right tools, there will be more projects that you can handle on your own, and you will soon experience the satisfaction of maintaining your own home and fixing problems as they come along.



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