Signs Of Water Damage To Look Out For After A Flood

Signs Of Water Damage To Look Out For After A Flood
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    Flood is a naturally occurring calamity that can be caused by excessive rainfall in an area.

    Thus, if you find yourself very unlucky, there may be some flooding in your area after a storm or hurricane.


However, not all floods can be traced to natural occurrences. Sometimes, floods happen due to a burst pipe or faulty plumbing system. In any case, if there’s a flood, there’s a huge chance, if not certain, that there’s going to be water damage in your house.

After a flood has occurred in your area, you have to be on the lookout for signs of water damage that may cause damage to your house. This is important to note so you can attack the problem immediately.

Knowing the signs of water damage can help you mitigate its effects as soon as possible, and can help your house and its environment back into proper working order.

The following are signs of water damage to look out for after a flood:

Pools of Water and Puddles

If there has been an extensive flood, it may leave pools of water and puddles in its aftermath. Usually, these pools of water are water that has not been completely drained or evaporated after the flood. You may find that these areas of puddles linger for days.

Here are helpful categories that help you identify the safety levels of puddles and pools of water:

  1. Category 1:
    If the water is clear, it’s usually safe and doesn’t warrant a cause of alarm.
  2. Category 2:
    If it’s gray in color, it may have some pollutants in it.
  3. Category 3:
    If it’s completely black, it’s highly toxic. You need professional cleaners and sanitary services, such as Utah Water Damage Repair, to get rid of it.

Be Aware of Unusual Smells

After a flood, there may be unusual smells in your home. This is the collected water damage or moisture that has been sitting in some areas of your house. There can be smells of dampness, which has a very distinct odor and also has an accompanying musty smell of mold.

These water damages are bad for your health since it causes the air to be polluted and carries with it allergens that can irritate the lungs.


If there has been some flood in your home, you may find that you’ll also have a mold problem; mold usually comes with water damage.

In some cases, you don’t need a mold remediation service. But, if your home has been sitting in flood for a long time, there may have been too much moisture in it, and you need to deal with it by quickly drying the area.

Mold has a distinctive smell and can also cause health symptoms, such as sneezing or allergy symptoms, headaches, and nausea. These may resemble cold but can result in something much worse.

Mold often looks fuzzy or slimy in appearance. It can also have different colors from gray to white.

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Water discoloration is a sign that water has seeped inside the house, either as flood or rainfall. It’s a sure sign of water damage and you may see watermarks running along down the side of your house’s walls or wallpaper.

This can be a result of a gutter that has overflowed and is revealed as streaks of water, which shows where the water has gone down on the wall.

Uneven Floors

Inspect the floors for any sign of unevenness. There may be signs of sloping or warping, especially if the floor is made from wooden materials.

If you see the floor becoming separated from the wall, you must quickly plan for basement repairs. You must immediately fix the signs of saturation on the ground that your house stands on because it can lead to extensive water damage.

Breakages on the Foundation Blocks

If there has been extensive flooding in your area, you have to inspect the exterior bricks and see if there are broken blocks. Breakages mean the possibility of some pressure build-up and there’s water working against the foundation.

The cracks on underground slabs that are wider and at least as the same width as a nickel, and cracks and cleavages also pose a serious threat.

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Cracked Moldings

If there has been continued rainfall in your area, you should also check your ceilings and moldings. Your molding may get displaced from all the moisture buildup so it is good to look for these warning signs as well.

Fractured and cracked molding also shows that your house needs repairs and waterproofing.

Wall Cracks

After extreme flooding, as mentioned above, you may find that water damage has manifested in your house in the form of mold usually on walls and warping on wooden structures. You can tell there has been water damage if there are cracks on walls accompanied by some brownish discoloration. You may also observe some sagging wood, rotting beams, and peeling wallpaper.

Crooked Doors and Windows

When you have difficulty opening your windows and doors, it may be an indication of an uneven underground foundation that arises from water damage.

You’ll need to find out if the door frame is askew and some sinking of the window and if the door frames have moved away from the foundation.

other valuable tips:

Final Thoughts:

A flood that has receded and sunshine appearing is no indication that you can rest easy in your house. If your home has suffered flooding for days, it may have some water damage you should look into.

Water damage affects the health of your environment as well as the structural integrity of your house. Make sure to address these problems quickly once the sun starts shining to avoid major headaches and repairs.

If you’re around from Utah and a flood has happened to you, it’s best to call someone who can help restore the status of your home, such as a Utah disaster cleanup.

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