Household Maintenance: How to Upkeep the Interior and Exterior

Household Maintenance: How to Upkeep the Interior and Exterior


Maintaining your home can also be time-consuming. There are so many things on both the inside and outside of your home that will need to be maintained.

Learning how to maintain a house and coming up with a household maintenance schedule can make maintaining your home less of a chore. You won’t be so overwhelmed by how much money and time you have to put into home maintenance when you have a good understanding of what needs to be done.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you’re going to need to do to maintain the interior and exterior of your house.

To Start, What Is Home Maintenance?

Before we get too deep into talking about how to maintain a home, it’s important for you to know what we’re talking about when we say "home maintenance."

Home maintenance is pretty much anything that needs to be done to keep a house in great condition. It can include everything from vacuuming the carpets inside your house to prevent dust from building up in your home to doing chain link fence repair outside your house so that your fencing stays in good shape.

By making household maintenance a bigger priority in your life, you can steer clear of having to make expensive repairs down the line. It’s essential for all homeowners to take home maintenance seriously from the second they first move into a house.

How Often Does Household Maintenance Need to Be Done?

When you own a home, household maintenance can feel like a seemingly endless job. There is almost always something that will need to be done around the house.

On average, surveys have shown that people spend about 6 hours each week cleaning the interiors of their homes alone. That doesn’t even account for all the work that needs to be done on the exteriors of their houses.

That being said, the total amount of time that people have to devote to home maintenance will vary from one household to the next. It’ll all depend on the size of your home, the age of your home, and how well you’ve maintained your home in the past.

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Most homeowners have to spend at least a few hours each week doing basic household maintenance. There will also be certain times when they’ll have to spring into action and do more maintenance around the house than usual based on what time of year it is.

What Steps Should You Take to Maintain the Interior of Your Home?

Now that you know what home maintenance is and about how long you’ll need to spend maintaining your home, it’s time to touch on how to maintain a house. We’ll kick things off by talking about how to maintain a house on the interior of it.

As we mentioned a moment ago, a lot of the household maintenance that you do inside your home will include basic cleaning jobs. Some of these jobs are things like:

  • Wiping down countertops
  • Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors
  • Scrubbing down surfaces in bathrooms
  • Dusting tables, cabinets, dressers, and more

However, the home maintenance that you’ll have to do inside your house won’t end there. There are also a bunch of things that you’ll need to do every now and then to keep your home up and running. Some of these things are:

  • Replacing the air filter in your HVAC system
  • Washing windows and exterior doors
  • Wiping down dirty walls and repainting them as necessary
  • Polishing floors and refinishing them every so often

You should also keep a close eye out for things like mold, mildew, pests, and anything else that might present problems in your home.

What Steps Should You Take to Maintain the Exterior of Your Home?

Many people spend so much time maintaining the interiors of their homes that they don’t ever get around to paying any mind to the exteriors of them. But it’s just as important to maintain the outside of your home as it is to maintain the inside of it.

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For starters, you’ll want to get into the habit of mowing your lawn and doing everything else that will need to be done to your landscaping. This includes weed whacking, tree trimming, fertilizing, and more.

You’ll also want to work to maintain the actual outside of your house. This means inspecting your roof every now and then and making the necessary repairs to it. It also means cleaning your siding, your fencing, and your driveway and walkways.

By doing these types of things, you’ll improve your home’s curb appeal. You’ll also prevent things like your roof from wearing out on you sooner than they should.

What Will Happen If You Aren’t Diligent About Maintaining Your Home?

Technically, you don’t have to maintain your home if you don’t want to do it. There isn’t anyone who is going to follow you around and make sure household maintenance gets done (except, of course, maybe your significant other!).

But if you don’t work hard towards maintaining your home, you could face a long list of problems. You might end up spending a small fortune repairing different aspects of the interior and exterior of your home. And you might also see your home’s value drop down over the years due to your lack of maintenance.

other valuable tips:

For all these reasons, you should put household maintenance at the top of your to-do list almost every day. Maintaining your home will keep it in good shape and allow it to retain its value over time.

Start Taking Better Care of Your Home Today

If you’re lucky enough to own a home, you should take pride in it day in and day out by maintaining it the right way.

Use the household maintenance tips found here to begin to take better care of your home from now on. You’ll notice a big difference in the way it looks and feels when you prioritize maintaining your home.

Find out more about maintaining your house from top to bottom by checking out the other articles on our blog.

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