The Importance and Benefits of Grey Composite Decking

The Importance and Benefits of Grey Composite Decking
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    Composite decking can also be referred to as wood-plastic. It is a material that is made from wood and recycled plastic and serves as a substitute for timber. Combining these two makes for a denser, heavier as well as stronger material than ordinary wood.


Composite decking has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its eco-friendliness. It helps to preserve forests and can be used in a lot of projects. These can include things such as balconies, leisure areas, outdoor dining and decks of various sizes and shapes.

They are usually made by mixing wood fibers with recycled plastic and bonding agents. This mixture is then heated and formed into the length of board shapes before it is cooled.

The resulting material looks attractive and authentic and it requires less maintenance than conventional wood decking. You may learn more about the history of composites here.

Benefits of Composite Decking

There are many reasons to use composite decking as you will find below. As mentioned one of these is its ease of maintenance. Others are:

  • It is Easy to Install

    Most composite decking is designed to have a groove system. This system allows the planks to easily fit together with concealed fixings and reduces installation time. It also gives it a uniform and clean appearance.

  • It Has a Pleasing Appearance

    Asides from appearing uniform and clean, the material looks a lot like wood. Also, it means that you do not miss out on the aesthetically pleasing look of good quality timber.

  • It is Safe

    Composites materials do not splinter and this makes them safe even when you have to walk on them barefoot. They are also safe for your pets. Because these boards hardly absorb water, they are slip-resistant. This makes them useful for wet areas such as pools.

  • It is Durable

    The plastic contents in composites ensure that they are durable. They do not get damp, rot, or get infested by insects. Moreover, they do not warp and neither do they crack. The boards also do not need to be painted or sealed even when exposed to direct sunlight.

    They are stain and fade resistant.Because of all these, they have a longer lifespan when compared to timber. This can range from between fifteen to twenty-five years or more.

  • It is Environmentally Friendly

    Composites are made from recycled materials which can sometimes be up to 90 percent of the board. This means that using them puts less pressure on the environment. There is no need to cut down trees in plantations and forests.

You can learn more about all these in this article

deck step lightingwood composite decking

      some decking materials to consider      


Composite decks have a major disadvantage when compared to timber and that is the high initial cost. However, due to the many benefits especially easy maintenance, it is cost effective.

Their economic benefits can be seen over a long time. You will save money over time from not having to maintain them. This money will match up with the extra cost of purchase and this can be in a little as five years.


There are two main types of composite decks. These are the capped and the uncapped. Uncapped boards are usually cheaper.

They also do not come with as much protection for staining and fading as the capped version. The capped ones are protected with an exterior coating of plastic making them highly resistant to staining and fading.


These boards typically come in a solid or hollow variety. Solid boards are heavier and stronger while hollow ones have hollow chambers that run through the plank’s length.

They also come in different color tones. The most common are brown, red and grey composite decking.

In choosing your deck, you have to consider the climate of your area as well as your home exterior. If you live in an area where there is plenty of sunlight, it is best to use a color like grey.

Grey boards deflect the sun and pair in a great way with the sky. They stay up to about 30 percent cooler even in direct sunlight. This means that they are better for the bare feet.

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Composite decking is a durable alternative to timber. It comes with many benefits chief of which is its easy maintenance. It can come in several types and colors. If you live in a sunny area and like to walk around barefoot, then you will do well by choosing the grey option.

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