Preparing for Summer: 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Patio

Preparing for Summer: 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Patio
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    Preparing for summer usually involves spring-cleaning and making sure summer clothes still fit properly.

    This year, consider adding some unique updates for a nicer patio to that list of things to do.

    Recently, patios have evolved into outdoor living areas with all the amenities.


Here are some ideas to inspire your imagination and give your patio some pizzazz.

Double Your Functions

Free up brick and stones used when paving walkways for non-traditional uses. Create a sitting area using brick or smooth stones. Add usefulness to the sitting area using the back as a retaining wall. Placing terra cotta pots full of flowers atop the retaining wall makes a sweet smelling, colorful setting to read or enjoy the sun.

As retaining walls hold back dirt and soil, plant a small garden for fresh baby vegetables ready to toss on the grill. Break away from traditional brick walls by designing multiple levels and patterns within the wall.

Boldly Use Bright Colors and Unique Shapes

Garden furnishings have evolved and the lawn chair no longer reigns as king of the patio. Using brightly striped cushions on sturdy furniture designed specifically to withstand the elements provides a focal patio point. Consider turquoise as a bold choice to create a southwestern themed patio.

Using the same color scheme, add a mural to your patio for visual reinforcing certain the effect desired. Painting fish and seashells into the mural gives an aquarium effect or an ocean view.

Delightful Garden Patterns

Patterns as well as spots of colored bricks provide continuity when repeated throughout the entire patio area. Placement of lattice-like structures can double as a cool arbor walkway or a comfortable destination point.

Plants and flowers add dimension to a plain patio, use bricks and tile to provide desired colors and texture. Designing patterns with repeating themes reinforces the sense of subtle elegance that guests will admire.

Pergolas to Paradise

Climbing vines and plants need areas to climb and conquer. Pergolas provide the perfect vertical surface for a climbing vine. The open, sturdy beams providing the Pergolas stability allow vines more room for runners to cross. Weaving in flowers like miniature roses gives a colorful recreation of the perfect garden.

Garden soil is not the foundation for this setting because your patio is the Pergolas floor. Using Pergolas as a terrace is one creative use of this simple design of wooden columns with cross beams. Strategically locating outdoor furniture throughout the Pergola makes the perfect point for intimate conversations.

Create a patio designed as the destination point for your home. It is a great area of your home where you can go outside and enjoy the fresh air and visit with family and friends. With that said, you want it to look nice and complement your home.

You also want it to be a place where you can go and just relax and maybe even relieve yourself of some of the stresses of life. If you do this right, you will find yourself reluctant to leave the haven provided by your new patio look.

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