5 Reasons Why Decks and Deck Railings Are More than Just Accessories

5 Reasons Why Decks and Deck Railings Are More than Just Accessories
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    Decks spell natural charm, openness and opportunities for great get-togethers.

    It is also America’s most preferred way to maximize space and enjoy more of outdoors, especially during warm summers.


There are multiple benefits of having a stylish and sustainable deck, and deck railings are much more than an accessory.

With rising interest in home improvement and renovation turning out to be a yearly activity for many of us, decks have garnered a lot of attention owing to their versatility and ability to be glamorous as well as functional at the same time.

A deck can look as extravagant and complex as you desire or as functional and low-key as you want.
Here are a few benefits of building a long-lasting and lovely deck for your house.

It Gifts Valuable Living Space

Decks can be invaluable for small homes and provide much needed living space to cramped interiors. This is especially useful when you are hosting a dinner or throwing a party.

Usually guests tend to congregate in the kitchen where the hostess is busy getting the food and drinks ready. Having a grill or barbecue and a bar outside will nudge your guests to spread out and settle down in comfy seating on your deck. Barbecues are best enjoyed outdoors on warm summer days and where better than on the deck!

There are a few tips that you can follow to ensure grilling is fun. Also browse interior decor websites for great outdoor grilling station ideas.

Frees up the Yard

In addition to extra space a deck also makes more room in your yard. You can store gardening tools and equipment, and outdoor furniture in a discreet corner on the deck. You can even find space for your kids’ bikes if the need arises.

Decks can be built in levels or can be elevated to provide areas for specialized use like partying, storage and even a small pool. Thus you can see that a deck helps clear up the yard to pursue other activities like gardening or sports. The utility and functionality of your yard is increased vastly.

A Deck Is a Thing of Visual Interest

A deck can alter and enhance the architectural appeal and visual interest of your house. There are decks that are extremely simple and super functional, and there are decks that are complex, multi-level and elaborate. There are decks built around trees and other natural structures in the yard, which help take your indoors right into the lap of nature.

You can also incorporate water features, arbors, planters or wind chimes to make your deck more attractive and interesting. Lovely deck railings prove that they are no longer just an accessory for utility purposes. Metal, wood, composites or vinyl – there are many great options to choose from. Curved deck railings add old-world charm and give your deck a homey warmth. If you own a contemporary home, then beautiful deck railings made of bronze and copper give a shiny and elegant, yet timeless look to your deck.

In short, you can tailor a deck to enhance the character and appearance of your entire home.

Building a Beautiful Deck Does Not Cost You a Fortune

Unlike other architectural additions, building a quality functional deck does not cost you a fortune. Architects and interior designers are of the opinion that outdoor additions typically cost much less than indoor home improvements. When you do an interior renovation job, expensive building materials (wiring, insulation, roofing and new furnishings) will add up to a lot of money. Very often the final cost may even exceed your initial budget. Outdoor structures like decks can take far less time and money than an indoor job, like building an extra room, adding more storage space or redoing a bathroom.

If you have trees around your home, then the natural canopy will keep your deck shaded from sun and stormy winds, but even if you don’t have trees, there are affordable cover and canopy options available to provide you the necessary protection from natural elements.

Decks offer a cost-efficient way of increasing living space in homes. Decks support a relaxed and laid back lifestyle.  Decks provide wonderful place to relax and unwind where you can enjoy fresh air and outdoors without having to actually step away from the comfort of your home.

A Deck Is a Value-Addition

Many homeowners opt for renovations when they decide to put up their homes on sale. As was mentioned earlier, home renovation jobs are expensive and do not guarantee a full return on investment on resale. According to ‘Remodeling’ magazine’s 2014 report, composite decks recover close to 74% of their cost and wooden decks return about 87%.  This meets or exceeds the 73% that other typical improvements return to your pocket.

Keep in mind that a lot depends on where you live. In temperate climates, decks add considerable value to homes due to prevalence of warmer temperatures for longer periods of the year. In colder regions a deck may not help you sell your property, but buyers will surely appreciate what it offers during short and much-enjoyed summers.

Also, multi-level fancy decks with built-in fireplace and grill station, and built-in planters and gazebos may cause your property to overshoot the asking value of homes in the surrounding area, which may make it harder to sell.  So try to keep your project in perspective.  This does not mean that you should not invest in a deck where you can build great memories with your loved ones, but temper your expectations based upon the resale value with sensible economics.

If you already have a deck and it is unsafe or weathered down, ensure that you have it refurbished to its original glory before listing your property.


A deck adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home like nothing else and is out in the open for all to admire. So with all the choices, be sure you go with a deck that exudes charm and reflects the personality of your home.

Author Bio: Kevin Morse works at Franklin Building Supply, a one-stop solution for all the building supply needs. He loves to blog about Home Decor and DIY and often provides valuable suggestions for Home Improvement.

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