ideas: Solid Alternatives to Wood Decking

Solid Alternatives to Wood Decking

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  • Wood remains a common choice when it comes to decks.

    However, if you want to know about solid alternatives to wood decking, you’ll find this list helpful.

    Some alternatives that will be reviewed below:

    • 1) stating with wood
    • 2) vinyl decking
    • 3) bamboo decking
    • 4) aluminum decking
    • 5) HDPE composits

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backyard deck alternatives

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Wood or other backyard deck alternatives


  • Wood remains an ever-popular material for constructing decks because of the beautiful colors, grain, and texture it possesses.
  • You might want something different, however, simply for a more unique look or because you don’t want to be burdened by the maintenance requirements that come with wood.
  • Consider the solid alternatives to wood decking that we’ve gathered in this list to find a gratifying material to use for your deck. Scroll to the next topic.
    Considering a Wood Deck? It’s Not Just About Good Looks
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floating decksAbove Ground Pool deckPorch/Deck Combo

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backyard deck alternatives

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  • Vinyl is often used as siding on homes because it’s unaffected by harsh weather conditions. This same asset makes it beneficial when you use it for your decking because it means that you won’t need to worry about it falling apart no matter what outdoor conditions it faces.
  • You can also clean it as little as once every six months or so and see no noticeable decline in its appearance. Manufacturers can make vinyl in various colors so you can find one that best matches your home’s exterior as well.
    What Is Vinyl Deck Flooring?
  • vinyl deckingwood composite deckingrubber decking

       some vinyl and other decking materials to consider      

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backyard deck alternatives

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  • While the other solid alternatives to wood decking on this list are inorganic, bamboo is derived from plants, much like wood.
  • It boasts natural patterning as you would see with wood, but it is also more moisture resistant. It is also not prone to warping in changing temperatures like wood.
  • Still, you do need to seal it to boost its longevity, as it can start to rot when consistently exposed to large quantities of water. The sun will also discolor it over time, so you should stain it to avoid this.
    Bamboo Decking Shoots to Thrive in the Great Outdoors
  • live bamboo plantsdeck rail boxesdeck container planters

       some deck planting ideas to consider      

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backyard deck alternatives

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  • Aluminum is by far the most visually distinct of the materials you can choose. It tends to look more shiny and smooth than the others, even when it is tinted to resemble wood.
  • Although aluminum is made of metal, it does not rust. And of course, because it is a manmade material, it will not decay, another bonus.
  • If you want your deck to be lightweight and have maximum resilience, aluminum makes for a good choice. You should note that it is more expensive than the other alternatives, however.
    Aluminum Deck Installation Cost & Price Guide
  • deck table and chairs setdeck umbrelladeck hammock with stand

       some deck furniture ideas to consider      

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backyard deck alternatives

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  • HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene, which is another type of plastic. In order to make it usable for decks, manufacturers mold HDPE into plastic lumber, which you can cut into the shapes you need as you would with wood boards.
  • Sunlight does not fade the color of plastic lumber because manufacturers add UV-protective compounds to the HDPE. Since it is plastic, it remains impervious to damages from water, a trait that makes it much stronger than wood.
  • You can obtain HDPE decking in a wide variety of colors and different textures, which together make it possible for you to make your deck look more natural or more unique.
  • In contrast to vinyl, HDPE is more heat and abrasion resistant. You can also find HDPE plastic lumber reinforced with fiberglass for added strength.
    What is HDPE Decking?
  • deck egg chairdeck lounge chairdeck adirondack chairs

       some decking chair ideas to consider      

  • What comments can you share about
    wood alternation options that you have used

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